Will Winterizing my Home Save me Money on my Monthly Premium?

Taking the time to winterize your home may help reduce the number of risks associated with winter weather conditions, but the impact on your homeowners insurance premium may vary. Depending on the insurer and the potential risks, the cost for your policy may or may not be impacted by winterizing the property.

Differences Between Companies

Every insurer has a different policy and pricing system. Some insurers may offer a discounted rate if you winterize your property while other insurers offer discounts for other actions or risk reduction strategies.

The only way to determine if your current insurer will offer a reduced rate is by asking about the discounts that are available, looking through your current policy and finding out about special promotions.

Finding a Better Rate

Since every company is different, it may be possible to find similar insurance policies for a lower premium if your current plan is no longer appropriate for your budget and goals. You can compare quotes for several insurers online with the help of an independent agency.

An agency can narrow down your options based on the factors that you identify as essential, such as a set price range or a specific amount of coverage. You are then able to compare the policies, learn more about the insurance and make a decision about the best policy for your current concerns, goals and needs.

When you compare quotes online, consider the policy as much as the price. Some insurers may offer a better plan than others when it relates to your personal concerns or current goals. You can ask about discounts that may help bring the price down if the best policy is a little out of your budget price range, since insurers have different offers, discounts and promotions that may be available.

Winterizing your property may or may not have an impact on the cost of your coverage. Depending on your current plan, the insurer and the price that you want to pay, it may be appropriate to work with an independent agency to find the right coverage for your current goals.

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