Will my auto insurance pay for a stolen item out of my car?

Having an item or items stolen from your car can be extremely upsetting and frustrating — and the situation is often made far worse because of worry about whether your auto policy coverage will reimburse you for the damages. It may seem like a given that your car insurance coverage would pay you back for losses of all types, but this is simply not the case — unless you have the proper type of coverage!

The Coverage Types

There are basically three different types of car insurance coverage, and each type has different purposes. Liability insurance is the type that is legally required and is designed for the protection of other drivers on the road in case you were to be the primary cause of an accident. If you were the person who caused an accident to happen, or if you were mainly the person at fault and the other driver contributed to the accident in only a minor way, your liability coverage will reimburse the other driver for any vehicle and personal damages. This type of insurance will not cover your own damages but is purely for the protection of others.

Collision coverage is designed to work along with liability insurance. It fills the gap in cases where you need a vehicle repair or medical help after an accident that you caused. The liability coverage will cover others who were impacted while the collision coverage will handle the damages caused to your own property. This type of insurance isn’t legally required but it is highly advisable since your own vehicle would be largely uncovered for damages otherwise.

Finally, comprehensive coverage is the policy type you need to make sure you can get reimbursed for items stolen from your car. Not only does comprehensive coverage deal with the times that your car is stolen, it also deals with vandalism of your vehicle, as well as break-ins. If you had personal property in your vehicle and you are holding comprehensive coverage, you will normally be able to file a claim to get reimbursed for the value of the items that were taken.

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