Why Home Insurance is So Important for the Summer, Too

When people think of homeowner’s insurance, they often think about disasters and events that happen in the winter months – flooding caused by broken pipes, fires caused by improper heating, roof problems due to rain and snow, and so on.

However, summer also holds dangers for homes, and there are still plenty of events that can make homeowner’s insurance necessary. Take a look at the top reasons that home insurance is still very important in summer, and why you should continue to take precautions to protect your home.

Outside Grilling Means Outside Fires

Summer is the perfect time for grilling outdoors and enjoying late evening fires. However, these popular activities also increase the chance of accidentally starting a fire…an unfortunately common consequence during the summer months. This can quickly cause damage to the siding and roof even when the fire is noticed. One of the most common causes is grilling with an open flame too close to the house – keep the grill at around 10 to 15 feet away from the walls and roof, and keep trees and shrubs well-clipped.

Burglaries Are Much More Common

It may sound like an odd statistic, but burglaries are actually much more common in the summer than the winter. On second glance, it makes sense: Thieves can move around more easily and comfortable in summer months to look for access points into homes. This means that burglary reports and claims for stolen goods also rise in the summer. Remember to keep your house secured when away, and consider investing in smart security devices.

Summer Vacations Mean More Time Away

Summer is also the time when many people head away from home on a summer vacation. This leaves the house unattended, which raises the risk of several problems. There may be an increased risk of fires or burglary during this time. Problems with leaks will go unnoticed and may cause widespread damage before they are caught. It’s always best to have someone check up on your home if possible.

Add-ons Like Pool Insurance Become Very Important

This is also the time of year when swimming pools and other summer features are enjoyed (trampolines, etc.). There are usually add-ons to home insurance that cover these particular home elements, and for good reason: They can be dangerous, and if they break then replacements can prove costly.

Summer Weather Holds Its Own Dangers

Remember, summer weather can also cause damage! Summer thunderstorms can create plenty of problems, especially if lightning creates local fires in the dry undergrowth. Additionally, summer heat can cause damage to unprotected roofs and siding, which may need expensive replacements.

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