Whats New with Hybrid Car

Effect of Global WarmingHybrid electric car also known as HEV. It has two main sources an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. Hybrid cars store their energy generated by the wheels movement and runs using the same kinetic energy, process called as regenerative braking. HEV’s have more environmental and economical. Hybrid cars combine more sources to generate power mainly gasoline and electricity, used as more of passenger vehicle. There are two types of electric cars running purely on gasoline called series and parallel hybrid cars having an hybrid engine.

Why One Should Buy A Hybrid Car ?

Hybrid cars are becoming popular because of their appeal to a huge range of customers. The Ohioans appreciate the amazing fuel economy and the ultra low emissions. And this has great savings and low depreciation to the people of Ohio by bringing them economical conscious.

  • Due to the low fuel emission it helps control the most important “Greenhouse Effect”
  • Hybrid cars have good demand today and they have their value better than the gasoline automobiles.
  • Burning the fossil fuels will release very harmful pollutants. But the amount of fuel that is burnt will be reduced by allowing the environment to dispose the pollutants naturally.
  • Using Hybrid cars can save a lot of petrol and paralytically pollution will also be avoided. Just by switching from an ordinary car to hybrid car one can save up to 500 dollars in a year.
  • To avoid air pollution today hybrid car technology has been accepted world wide as a solution.

Many of the states are offering incentives for the hybrid cars and assist the people buy the hybrid cars. This often add up to thousands of dollars saved.

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