What Is Incidental Damage on an Automotive Warranty?

Incidental damage on an automotive warranty can be confusing. This term refers to damage not caused by the individual directly. Rather, it is caused indirectly or through the normal wear and tear of use of the vehicle. Often times, this type of incident is not covered on your warranty. Depending on the circumstances, it is essential to know what this implies.

Know Your Warranty

When it comes to incidental damages, which are also known as consequential damages, warranties are often specific about the types of damages not covered by the policy. However, these warranties differ significantly from one manufacturer to the next.

Most define consequential damages as any not directly related to an act. However, they can be a consequence of that act. Some of the most common exclusions from auto warranties include the following:

  • Loss of commercial use of the vehicle
  • Loss of use of the vehicle in general
  • Loss of time
  • Inconvenience
  • Wear and tear on the vehicle

For example, if you are operating your vehicle and scratches from regular use occur, this is not something most auto warranties cover. If something happens while the vehicle is still new, though, this is less likely to be considered normal wear and tear. Therefore, it is incidental damage.

In some cases, it can be ruled as necessary. For example, if you are in an accident and the fender is damaged, the fender is covered. However, whether or not the gas tank that was damaged as a result gets coverage differs from one policy to the next. Some forms of accidental damage are incidental. Any damage caused by a true accident which is not the result of negligence, is incidental damage.

How to Know

If you are unsure what type of damage is covered and what is not, it is a good idea to call the warranty issuer and inquire about this. It is best to do this before you actually invest in the vehicle or buy the extended warranty. If you are facing any type of damage, contact the provider of the warranty to inquire about its coverage as there is no harm in doing so.

Incidental damage on an auto warranty is rarely a covered element. However, your insurance company’s policy may provide some protection depending on the situation. Discuss the types of protection you get from your insurer to determine if this type of coverage is in place.

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