What is Comprehensive Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

Did you know that there is more to comparing insurance coverage than just looking at rates? In fact, it is always important to look at the type of coverage you are receiving when you compare two or more auto insurance carriers. There are several optional choices to make that will protect your vehicle above and beyond what is required by law. One of these coverage options is comprehensive insurance.

But what is comprehensive insurance and why do you need it?

What Comprehensive Insurance Covers

The easiest way to understand comprehensive coverage is to think of it as a portion of your policy that protects your vehicle against everything besides a collision. This includes things like storm damage, hitting an animal, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other acts of nature. It also covers situations that are out of your hands, such as fire, theft, vandalism, falling objects, and damage from civil riots. You are subject to your deductible when using this type of coverage, which is chosen by you at the start of the policy and not by your insurance company.

However, there are some common misconceptions about how it works. Comprehensive coverage does not take care of damages to another car that is not listed on your policy, which is covered under your property damage portion. It does not protect you against hit-and-run accidents or if the other person does not have insurance.

Why You Need Comprehensive Insurance

One of the biggest reasons to have insurance, besides being required by law, is to protect yourself and your family from unexpected problems. Having comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy ensures you are taken care of should something unusual occur. If a sudden storm knocks down a tree in your neighborhood and it lands on your car, having made the decision to carry comprehensive insurance ahead of time will enable you get your vehicle fixed in a timely fashion. If you wake up and discover that your vehicle has been stolen, having this coverage will help you buy a replacement.

Each policy will have its own set of provisions outlining the exact covered perils under comprehensive insurance, so it is important to make sure you speak with your insurance agent prior to filing a claim.

For more information on auto insurance coverage in your area, please contact a local agent today.