What Are Proper Ways Of Reducing Distractions While Driving on the Roads?

Our insurance agency is often asked for safe driving tips, and ideas for reducing distracted driving is a particularly hot topic today. Here are some of our leading suggestions for reducing driving distractions.

Don’t Eat While Driving

Even if you feel pretty confident that you can eat successfully with one hand on the wheel, consider what happens if something falls or spills while you’re eating. The natural reaction is to glance down, and this could be a costly driving error. When you don’t eat while you drive, you won’t ever have to worry about taking your eyes off the road to take a bite.

Use Caution With Cell Phones

Texting and driving is a definite no-no, but many people do feel that talking on the phone while driving is safe enough. Some states have a "hands free" laws that require you to use a headset or Bluetooth device if you need to talk while driving. Even if your state doesn’t require that yet, it is a smart precaution to use hands-free devices if you absolutely must talk while you drive.

Set Climate Control Ahead of Time

Don’t wait until you’re already on the road to crank up the air or cut back the heat. Make sure that your vehicle is already at a comfortable temperature before you start driving, and you’ll be able to avoid taking your eyes off the road to make these adjustments later. This rule can actually also apply to the radio: If you like to listen to music while you drive, go ahead and set your station or your playlist before you drive so you aren’t tempted to do so while you’re driving.

Respect the Weather

Bad weather is something that should be respected, rather than ignored. Even a very light coating of ice on the road can completely change the driving conditions, significantly ramping up the odds of accidents. If it is snowing, sleeting, raining, or muddy, use extreme caution. Remember that you can’t drive the same way as you would with clear driving conditions. Making compensations by driving more slowly and paying the highest levels of attention possible will help keep you safe even in bad weather.

Reducing distractions while driving is an essential part of basic road safety, but so is having a good car insurance policy. Our independent agents can help. We offer live comparative insurance quotes from many major providers to help you get the best insurance for the lowest price. Feel free to try our live comparison quote tool on the Internet today for free!