What are good motorcycle safety tips for the road?

Motorcycles may be lots of fun to ride, but they carry with them some extra responsibility in terms of safety. Because you are less protected than you would be when enclosed in a vehicle, it makes sense to take some extra safety precautions that will allow you to enjoy your time on the open road while being as fully protected as possible. Our independent insurance agency recommends the following motorcycle safety tips to help keep you safe and sound while on the road.

Drive The Right Bike

Many motorcycle drivers make the mistake of choosing an overpowered bike, and it may end up causing trouble down the line. Think about what you are really using your bike for. Is it mainly a commuter motorcycle? Is it a "just for fun" weekend toy? Keep your power needs in line with what you really use the bike for. Driving a highly overpowered bike in slow stop and go city traffic could be inviting accidents since high power motorcycles are harder to control. Get a bike that meets all your speed needs without wildly exceeding them.

Remember Helmet Protection

While not every state has helmet laws, your helmet can still be a very important safety device. Remember, when you’re on the road you are subject not only to your own driving mistakes but also those of others. If you are ever tossed from your bike, the helmet will give your head the protection it needs, possibly even saving your life!

Inclement Weather = Extra Caution

When the weather is bad, or even slightly inclement, it is smart to ramp up your defensive driving. Allow plenty of space between your bike and other vehicles when it’s raining, snowing, or icy. Better yet, try to avoid bad road conditions completely if at all possible. Remember, your bike is much more lightweight than a car and is thus more likely to be damaged by bad road conditions like ice.

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