Useful Winter Driving Tips and Tricks for the Road.

With the freezing wintertime just around the corner, it can really be helpful to think ahead regarding ways to keep yourself and your family safe while on the road. Ice, snow, and rain can really wreak havoc with vehicles and can easily compromise the integrity of the roads that you travel on every day. Fortunately, you can take a few simple actions to keep yourself protected when you encounter the wintertime roadways.

Space is Key

Allowing enough space in between your vehicle and the cars in front of you and in back of you is especially vital during the winter. The exact amount of space required between vehicles may vary by state, so be sure that you're aware of your state's guidelines and that you strictly follow them during the winter. This is the time of year when you may have to deal with skidding and slippery roads, so adding a bit of extra space won't hurt.

Brake With Caution

When you apply the brakes on slippery roads, you have a much greater chance of vehicle skids and collisions. On a clear day with perfect road conditions, sudden braking may not be as dangerous, although it's never really desirable. However, brake suddenly on an icy road and you may trigger an out of control wreck. Remember to brake slowly and cautiously, giving the brakes plenty of time to engage, during the winter.

Vehicle Check Ups

Your vehicle can use a winterizing checkup whether you are currently experiencing car problems or not. Be sure that you have fresh windshield wiper blades to keep the ice and snow at bay. Have the brakes checked to make sure they're functioning properly. Be sure your heater is working well so you're comfortable and can focus on safe driving, too!

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