Understanding What is Covered on your Homeowners Policy for Natural Disasters

Although you know that your home insurance policy is there to cover damages and disasters of all types, it does not cover every single circumstance. Natural disasters are one of those insurance areas that can get rather confusing because policies will cover many situations yet others are not covered at all. It is very important to know precisely what natural disaster will be covered, and what won’t, so you can prepare for any eventuality.

The natural disasters covered in your insurance policy are called "Perils." Although there is variation among insurance providers, the following list of natural disasters are normally covered by the average homeowners policy.

-Damage resulting from smoke or fires

-Damage from lightning striking

-Damage from snow or hail

-Damage from windstorms

-Damage from explosions unrelated to your actions

-Damage your home sustains from being struck by a vehicle or aircraft

-Damage resulting from objects that descend from above (example: items falling from an aircraft)

-Damage from certain types of flooding (example: malfunction of an auto fire sprinkler)

-Damage to your heating, plumbing, or air systems if it happens because of severe weather

After reading the list above you may think that your standard homeowners coverage will be enough in a natural disaster, however it is vital that you think about the circumstances that the list does not include. Although your policy may be different, the simple fact is that the majority of homeowners policies do not cover some of the most major natural disasters.

Consider the following natural disasters, and ask your agent if your homeowners policy covers them:




-Hurricane damage

Of course, the list above are situations that you will hopefully never encounter in your lifetime, but it simply is not worth taking the risk. Any one of the natural disasters listed here could cause complete and total destruction of your home and your property — and if your policy doesn’t cover it you’d be left with no home and no way to start over again.

Just because your policy does not cover them doesn’t mean you can’t obtain coverage. Inquire about the possibility of adding "Riders" to your policy for a little extra policy fee. The coverage you’ll get with policy riders will really insure that you will be covered in all natural disaster situations.

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