Understanding What Is Covered on Your Home Insurance Policy

A home insurance policy for you may be significantly different from one that your neighbor down the road has. You may have coverage he or she doesn’t. You may have less than the neighbor has. This could be a problem if you are not sure what is and what is not included your policy.

Read Your Policy

The best way to know what coverage you have right now is to pick up your policy and to read it. It may not seem like it, but every detail about the coverage you have is included in the policy. If you do not have a paper copy, you can request it from your provider or you can sometimes view the policy online, depending on the provider you have.

What’s Excluded?

Often times, there will be specific exclusions listed on your home insurance policy. These exclusions will be specifically written into the policy. For example, many homes do not have flood insurance. There may be a notation in your policy saying that flood-related damage is not included in your policy.

One of the best ways for you to overcome this limitation is to simply have a rider or add-on policy. This will provide specific coverage for the concern you have. For example, if you live in an area where hurricanes are a problem, having a specific hurricane or weather-related rider can be helpful. It ensures that you have that specific type of coverage even if the main policy does not allow it. Keep in mind that this often costs more.

What’s the Best Policy for You?

Sometimes, it is hard to know what risks you face. You may not know what types of riders you should have or what exclusions you should worry about. That’s why you should work with an independent agency when choosing your insurance. The agent will work with you to determine what coverage is necessary and then help you to find comparative pricing from various insurance providers. You get the insurance you need, with ample protection, as well as the best price available for it.

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