We have a tree in the backyard causing allergy problems for us, is its removal covered by our home insurance policy?

Allergies that are caused by a tree in your yard can be a problem that lasts for years if you do not remove the plant. The problem is that the removal of a tree can exceed your budget and the funds that you have available for the project. Depending on your homeowners insurance policy, it may be possible to make a claim so that you can remove the plant.

Tree Removal

When you work with an independent agency to compare quotes for your property online, you have the opportunity to select the coverage that you want. Insurers often offer a variety of different plans and solutions that can help ensure your home is safe, but the details of every insurance policy can vary.

Tree removal due to an allergy may or may not be covered in your current plan. Some insurers may offer funds to remove trees from your yard in certain situations, but the situations that are allowed under your policy may vary.

Evaluate Your Plan

Before you make a claim, evaluate your current plan to determine if you have coverage for the removal of a tree. If you do have coverage, then look for any exceptions or clauses that may limit the times when you can make a claim.

In general, insurers will allow you to remove the plant if it is causing danger to your home, property or the property of a neighbor. It may also be possible to remove the plant if it is causing severe allergies that are dangerous to your health or the health of other individuals in the house. There may be exceptions or limitations on the coverage that is available, so it is important to read your policy thoroughly before you make a claim.

Insurance for your home is designed to protect your property, but you may also have solutions if your health is being impacted by plants in the yard. Contact us to talk to an agent for more information about the coverage options that are available for your property.

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