This is the Season to Compare Home Insurance Quotes

Value Those DollarsWith winter making its grand reemergence into most of our lives (with the exception of those souls fortunate enough—or smart enough—to reside in places like San Diego and Miami where a long sleeve shirt can double as a winter coat) it’s time again to compare home insurance quotes. The reason? To see if you qualify for some dollar savings, but also to revisit your damage coverages. After all, cold weather can wreak havoc on our domiciles. Here are just a few things you may not have known about keeping your home safe from the wrath of winter that you probably should already know.

• Pipes can freeze. Especially if you live in a state that experiences extreme cold during winter. If you don’t want to activate your homeowners insurance plan and you’d rather not have to deal with busted pipes in the middle of a blizzard, consider some pipe insulation.

• Slippery sidewalks can cost you. You probably don’t want to imagine the kind of damages you may be forced to pay if a broken or misdirected rain gutter inadvertently gives birth to invisible slick spots on the cement walkways surrounding your home that take out unsuspecting passers-by and visitors. If you can’t keep the cement areas around your home safe, maybe it’s time to revisit your liability coverage in case someone gets hurt and decides to sue you.

• Trees can cause serious damage. As a precautionary measure, make sure that you trim any trees near your home so that there’s no damage done if snowpack causes branches to break under the weight.

It’s never too late to compare home insurance quotes. Even if there’s a blizzard raging right now, it’s better to review your coverage limits and make any necessary changes before something unwanted happens. To speed up the process, you can get instant insurance quotes day or night by visiting

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