Tips to Avoiding a Home Burglary

For most Americans, there are few worse feelings of violation than coming home to find out your house has been burglarized. Even if your homeowner’s insurance covers loss due to theft, it cannot compensate for the difficult emotions and personal losses you may be subjected to. Fortunately there are some helpful tips for avoiding a home burglary altogether.

Outside of Your Home

Start by making your house less appealing to thieves. Most burglars prefer to break into homes that are not well lit and are hidden from passersby. To deter thieves, install plenty of lighting around your property — especially near doors and windows. If you have hedges, shrubs or trees in your yard, be sure to keep them well trimmed and manicured so they will not obstruct the view of your home to others passing by.

Inside Your House

Typically, thieves are not going to break into your home to steal your family photos and trinkets. Instead, they are usually after high-priced items that are easily resold for cash, such as large electronics, weapons and rare collectibles. To prevent theft, keep these items away from the view of the public. For example, if you purchase a top-of-the-line flat screen television, do not place it in front of a window, as this could be eye candy for burglars.


To further protect your home from burglary, install a home security system. Monitored systems sound an alarm when a thief breaks glass or breaks open a door. Often, signs posted outside your home indicating the presence of an alarm system are enough to prevent thieves from breaking in, but if not, an ear-splitting alarm will be enough to wake neighbors and also dispatch police should a burglar enter your home. Furthermore, installing a monitored alarm system can significantly lower your homeowner’s insurance rates.

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