Tips for Keeping Teen Driver Auto Insurance Rates Under Control

Tips for Keeping Teen Driver Auto Insurance Rates Under ControlWhen the insurance premium is high for adults only, the premium for notorious teenage drivers will be even higher. Every teenager will face high car insurance premium till they are experienced drivers. To get really good at driving, it will take lot of time and lot of practice is required, because driving is a learned skill. While driving, new drivers will undergo many accidents and these accidents statistics will be translated into higher insurance rates for teenagers and inexperienced drivers. Teenager drivers can do a few things to reduce the insurance rates.

  • Discounts for Good Grades : To get good marks, car insurance should not be the motivation. Many insurance companies charge less premium for young drivers who consistently score high marks. Poor performance in school and accidents done by the teenagers will result in higher insurance rates.
  • Taking No Alcohol : Teenage drivers try to test their boundaries and hence end up paying high insurance rates. Alcohol is one of them. Combination of alcohol consumption and inexperienced driving can lead to accidents and may end up paying high insurance rates. Many schools in U.S encourage the students to sign the pledge promising to make them stay away from alcohol till they are of the legal drinking age. You will be lowered with less premiums from the insurers if you have such commitments.
  • Driver Education Course : Many insurance companies give discount if the drivers have completed the driver education course, because you can learn skills which the new drivers can learn and use them to avoid accidents and dangerous situations.
  • Choose a Safe Car : Your insurance rate matters on what kind of car you have no matter what your age is, but your premium will be more if inexperienced young drivers are there in the policy. Hence choosing the right car for the teenager is important.

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