The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask a Texas Insurance Agent

Do Not Hesitate

When you start shopping around for car and home insurance in Texas, your agent is going to want you to spend as much as possible for these policies. Asking the right questions may not only save you money, but will also help you make the right decision as to which type of coverage is best for you.

1. What does your “bare minimum” policy cover?

Ask the agent to show you this first, rather than the highest-priced one. You simply may not need all the “bells and whistles” that come with more expensive policies.

2. What discounts am I entitled to?

The agent will probably give you a few examples of the discounts the company offers, but push him for more.

3. I already have an auto insurance policy with you. Am I getting all the discounts I’m entitled to on my current policy? If not, can I get them now?

It’s a good idea to re-examine your policy every few years. Things change, and some of these changes may mean you’re entitled to more discounts than you were before.

4. If I get both home and auto insurance with your company, will my premiums be cheaper?

Chances are the answer to this question will be “yes”.

5. Will you honor (insert competitor insurance company’s name here) discounts and differences in coverage amounts?

This is where comparison-shopping can come in handy. Find out what discounts other insurance companies offer and ask him if he’ll honor these. Also, get their price quote in writing. Faced with the actual figures and information, the agent may be willing to negotiate.

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