I have some prized botanicals in my garden that were destroyed by the winter weather. Is their replacement covered by my home insurance policy?

When a person’s home is damaged in a winter storm, his or her first thoughts are often of making a homeowners insurance claim. What if all the value isn’t in your home, though? What if you have a collection of prized botanicals on your property, maybe even rare and expensive ones, that get damaged in that same storm? The call to your insurance agent may go quite differently in that case.

Damage to plants outside your home is generally covered only for perils such as explosion, fire, lightning, theft, vandalism, malicious mischief, and damage from vehicles not owned by anyone living in the dwelling. It is not impossible that your prized garden could be ruined by a lightning strike during a winter storm, but it’s not terribly likely, either. If it does happen that your prized plants are ruined by a covered event, then the coverage is often limited to not more than 5 percent of the value of the dwelling coverage and no more than $500 per plant.

If you want special coverage for particularly rare or expensive plants in your garden, you can get special policies or riders that not only cover your plants in the event of wind, snow and hail, but also increase the maximum benefit amount for plant claims. The cost of the coverage would depend on a number of factors, including risk, location, and the value of the insured plants.

When you are looking for a homeowners insurance policy with a rider to cover expensive plants, you should start by comparing the basic policies. Working with independent agents, we offer the chance to compare quotes on our website and to find the best possible policies for you with the best possible prices. Once you’ve narrowed your policy needs to a few choices online, you can start to ask more specific questions about riders for landscaping or expensive plants, helping to select the exact policy that you need.

If a Winter Storm Damages our Home so we Cannot Live There Safely, Will our Policy Cover Staying in a Hotel?

Damage from a winter storm can make it hard to determine if your homeowners insurance policy will help with the unexpected costs. Although every insurance company and policy is different, it is possible that your insurer may offer solutions for living expenses if you cannot live in your home due to damages from a winter storm.

Review the Policy

The only way to determine if a particular plan will help pay for the hotel costs after your property is damaged is by reviewing the policy and looking for any details. Read through the paperwork and determine if there are any clauses, exceptions or details that may prevent you from making a claim.

Keep in mind that some insurers may pay for living expenses while a house is being repaired while other companies may not. The details of any plan can differ between insurers and specific policies.

Compare your Options

If you are looking for a policy that will help pay for living expenses if the house is too damaged to live in after a storm or similar situation, compare a variety of quotes online. An independent agency can help you identify potential policies that may be appropriate for your needs by narrowing down the choices and offering the best options for your goals and concerns.

When you compare quotes online, you have the opportunity to look at several different plans, policies and companies. Do not assume that the best policy for your goals will always be the most affordable policy. Take your time and read through the different options before you make any decisions. If you are not sure about different plans, an agent can help answer your questions so that you can make an educated decision about the best coverage plan.

It may seem challenging to find the best insurance for your concerns and goals, but it is possible to compare a variety of options and narrow down your choices. When a winter storm hits, some insurers may help you pay for those unexpected hotel expenses.