Ways to Protect your Car Without a Garage

Extreme weather conditions like heavy winds, rain, hail, and snow can all cause significant damage to your vehicle when it isn’t protected with a garage. However, the following tips will help you offer your car the best protection available when you don’t have access to a garage.

Car Cover

One of the top ways to protect your vehicle without a garage is by getting a car cover or tarp. Car covers can either be custom-made for your specific car make and model or a they can be tarp-style cover that is simply a large piece of plastic to cover your vehicle. Either way, car covers will protect your vehicle from the elements, including rain, snow, and sleet. The paint, glass, and other elements of your vehicle’s exterior gets adequate protection with a car cover and it is relatively inexpensive.

Car Port

Where you park your automobile or truck also makes a big impact on itsprotection. When you’re not at home and have a choice between parking on the street or parking in a carport, choose the carport. This will protect your vehicle from harsh weather and winds that can cause damage. If you need to park outdoors, be sure to avoid parking underneath trees where sap can drip down and destroy your paint job. To avoid theft of your car and its contents, park in a well-lit areas. It’s also possible to purchase a steel carport when you don’t have a garage. These carports allow you to protect your vehicle in the winter months when harsh weather like snow and hail is prevalent.

Security Alarm

You also need to protect your vehicle from potential theft and vandalism. One of the best ways to do this is by installing a security alarm on your vehicle. It will deter thieves when they find out you have an alarm, which is often seen by a blinking red light in your dashboard. If a would-be thief attempts to steal your car, the alarm will sound, causing the perpetrator to abandon his mission to steal your vehicle.

Regular Wash and Wax

Another way of protecting your car’s paint job is by taking good care of your car’s exterior. Getting your car washed and waxed on a regular basis does more than improve its appearance. It also keeps dirt, grime, and foreign materials from sticking to the vehicle. A regular wax job provides a smooth surface where many things slide right off of it.

Steering Wheel Lock

If protecting your vehicle from theft is of high important when you don’t have a garage to park in, having additional security protection like a steering wheel lock is a great option. A steering wheel lock will literally lock your steering wheel in case someone breaks into your car and attempts to steal it. If a thief managed to get your car started, he won’t be able to drive it away because the steering wheel locks.

GPS Tracking Device

Lastly, you should consider installing a GPS tracking device on your vehicle. A GPS tracking device offers the ability to track the location of your car remotely, and in real time. If your other security measures were surpassed by a car thief, you can still track down its whereabouts — and with the help of local law enforcement, get your vehicle back.

Protecting your vehicle with proper car insurance is essential, but you should also take further steps to offering it the best protection available. Not only for protection from the elements, which can destroy and damage the exterior of your vehicle, but also to prevent theft when you don’t have access to a garage.

Techniques of Car Towing

Take Precautionary MeasuresIt is always better to know about the towing of car because you never know when your will end with d disaster. To have a safety and incident-free trip, be sure that you are sure of all the different types involved in towing of car. You would have seen a lot of tow vehicles pulling cars on the road. Many of us really do not pause to think about the picture too often and which may clutch the wheel with your hands and drive more caution.

Car Towing Safety

It is seen that towing too has its own set of rules and limitations. In case they are not adopted then the vehicle to be towed will be at a loss. During the times of heavy rains, it is observed that cars do stand and this becomes a problem with the cars. Here are a few simple ways, through which you should be able to tow your car.

  • If you get caught in the unpleasant situation of a broken down car, your capability to tow a auto with safety will prove priceless.
  • When towing a auto, do confirm that It may cause serious damage to the car if the towed car is not in neutral and also the handbrake is not disengaged, this also causes the wheels to remain lock.
  • All the cars these days have a screw like hook to tow and at specified positions like the one at the front and the other at the rear. This is used to pull the towing car.
  • Prepare a chain to tow or any sturdy cable to the tow vehicle for the car being towed. Be confident that fastening is looped double and tied to the sturdy parts of the vehicle’s carriage.
  • It is illegal to have a passenger to sit in the car that which will be towed as it is going to be violation of safety.
  • Always for safety of the other vehicles try to keep a sign which is neatly visible to vehicles riding behind the vehicle which is in tow. So that it will help the drivers of the other vehicles to get you an additional wide space.
  • Do not drive faster than 40 miles fro an hour. Usually high speeds will increase the pain put on your cable of the tow and this will result in a severe, which results in an accident.
  • When you take a car in tow you should limit the duration. A tow can not be moved beyond what it takes to reach your vehicle to the closest service station. Towing is actually done with the help of professionals.

Some Facts About Classic and Antique Car Insurance

Secure it with InsuranceIf you’ve ever seen an old restored Nash Rambler or a Plymouth Fury tooling about town, the thought has probably crossed your mind: how much does antique car insurance cost, anyway? Surely the people behind the wheel must be paying an arm and a leg to cover the potential damages for these gorgeous moving relics. But surprisingly enough, classic car insurance is a lot cheaper than you might have thought.

The fact is, classic cars are less frequently driven. The odds that you’ll ever find anyone using an antique car for anything other than Sunday afternoon drives or trips to the nearest car show are slim to none. You’re also less likely to find a restored classic parked curbside overnight—their owners typically keep them locked safely away when they’re not in use, putting them at far lower risk for theft. And insurance companies know this, which is one of the factors that makes classic car insurance more easily affordable than coverage for the average late model sports car.

Antique car insurance, sometimes referred to as collector car insurance, differs from standard insurance in that both car owner and insurer must arrive at an agreed value for repair or replacement. Since the value of a well-kept classic car actually increases over time, the owner must provide official estimates of the car’s value to get adequate coverage.

Is it any wonder, then, that anytime you cross paths with an antique car the person behind the wheel is wearing a mile-wide grin instead of a grimace of constant worry? Three words: it’s the insurance.

Factors that Figure Into Your Car Insurance Rates

This Affects your Car Insurance RateThere’s a lot of thought put into how much you’re charged for your car insurance premiums. Although much of it is intuitive and includes factors like your age and driving record, there are some factors that you’re probably not aware of. Here are a few lesser-known car insurance factors that could be causing you to pay a lot more (or a lot less) than the next guy.

  • What you do for a living. Believe it or not, this plays a big part in how much money you’ll spend a year on car insurance. But it has nothing to do with your earning potential or how much an insurance company thinks you can afford to pay. It actually relates to the personalities that gravitate toward particular fields. For example, scientists are seen as lower risks behind the wheel than lawyers. Why? The job of a lawyer is viewed as a more high stress occupation, and one that has the capacity to spill over into a person’s personal driving time through frequent business related cell phone calls. Scientists, on the other hand, are considered practical and logical in their approaches and are therefore seen as lower risks.
  • Where you live. You may interpret that insurance companies target people who live in certain communities as being financially capable of paying higher insurance premiums, but this isn’t the case. What an insurer does take into account, however, is information about crime statistics and traffic in your area—each of which could have a significant impact on the increased risk of insurance claims.
  • Your credit score. Sure, it makes sense that your ability to buy a car should be affected by your credit score—but your ability to get a good rate for your insurance? Insurance companies look at people who have good credit ratings as individuals who have displayed a consistency in their financial responsibilities They view this behavior as a sign that someone’s more likely to behave responsibly behind the wheel of a car.