Preventing Accidents by Sharing the Road with Bicyclist

At times when you are driving, you may feel like you have no control over what the other drivers are doing—this can make you feel extremely vulnerable. Imagine if you were riding a bicycle instead of driving a car. You really are out in the open and rely on the good driving skills of those in their cars and trucks. Next time you are out on the road, remember the bicyclist out there and follow these tips.

  • Keep an eye on the bicycle lane if there is one. When you turn right across a bicycle lane, always keep an eye for bicyclists coming from behind. If one is coming yield to them instead of attempting to make it before them.
  • Unless there is a yellow double line, you can cross over the center line to pass bikers when there is no traffic. The bicyclist will feel much more comfortable with you passing in this way.
  • Do not honk as a form of communication with a bike rider unless it is an emergency. Think about how loud a horn sounds from inside the car. It is even louder and shocking from the road.
  • When you are sharing the road with a bicyclist, do not follow too closely. The cyclist is likely trying to get out of your lane, be patient.
  • Bicyclists are allowed to use crosswalks, and some rely on them to get safely across the street instead of crossing with the cars and other traffic.
  • Be careful in neighborhoods and subdivisions. Many cyclists use these quite areas to ride in, and they rely on you to pay attention to stop signs and other rules of the road.
  • If you park on the street, make sure you look carefully so that you do not open the car door into the path of an oncoming bicycle rider. Many accidents occur in this way.
  • While you want to be careful all the time, if you make a mistake, apologize. Even a friendly wave or eye contact can let a cyclist know that you are sorry and that you do care about preventing accidents.
  • Use extra care around children who are riding a bike. Children are often even less secure in their riding abilities and may stop suddenly or turn in front of you. When possible do not pass children unless you have plenty of room and the time to safely do it.

New Home Buyers: How much Homeowners Insurance do I need?

When buying a new home, you may be wondering how much homeowners insurance you will need. There are many variables that go into calculating homeowners insurance and as new home buyers you will probably have lots of questions. The best way to make sure you end up with adequate coverage is to speak with an insurance agent who can answer your questions and find the best policy for your situation.

There are several components to homeowners insurance, but the basic types are dwelling coverage, other structure protection, and personal property insurance. The dwelling coverage will take care of your home. If you are buying a brand new home – you will need to calculate the value the entire structure. This will include hardwood floors, whirlpool tubs, and remote control fireplaces. You need to have enough coverage to replace or rebuild these items in the event of a disaster. The other structure protection will cover your garage, shed or barn. Depending on the items you keep in these areas and the size, you will need to calculate the value of the buildings. Finally, personal property insurance will take care of your clothing, electronics and jewelry if there is a fire or disaster that affects your home.

As new home buyers, you need to make sure you find the homeowners insurance you need for the price you want to pay. Comparing quotes from several providers will help you make the final choice. Speaking with an insurance agent who can answer your questions will also be helpful. Determining how much homeowners insurance you need is based on a lot of different factors and you may even want to speak with a local agent who can give you the best estimate for your area. Buying a home is exciting, don’t let a disaster ruin your day.

Can I get Insurance for a Car not Titled to Me

Can I get Insurance for a Car not Titled to Me?There is no easy answer to the question of whether you can get insurance for a car that does not have your name on the title. It really depends on the insurance company and the rules they go by. We all know people that have insurance on a vehicle that is not in their name – but we may not know exactly how they got it.

One way to be sure you can insure a vehicle that is not in your name is to name the person on the title on your insurance policy also. When you give the information to the insurance agency – you can name yourself as the driver. Most of the time this is sufficient to take care of any problems. Of course, you may also want to talk with an independent agent who can compare quotes from several different top providers and find the one that will give you the best rate.

You will want to make sure you have adequate legal coverage on the car before you begin driving. If it is an older car you will probably only need liability insurance and if you owe money on the car you should probably purchase full coverage. No matter whose name is on the title, if the vehicle is involved in an accident, someone will be responsible for the damages to the other car and any injuries to the driver or the passenger. Make sure you can afford a great insurance policy by comparing quotes online.

The best way to answer the question about whether you can purchase insurance for a vehicle that is not titled to you is to speak with an independent agent. This insurance professional can check with several reputable providers to find out what their requirements are and how much a policy will cost. It is always a good idea to compare quotes to make sure you are not paying too much for car insurance.

How to Register a Vehicle

How to Register a VehicleFirst, you need to determine whether this is a first time vehicle registration. Although that could mean you just purchased a brand new car, it could also mean that you bought a vehicle second hand or just recently moved from another state, which requires you to register your vehicle in your new state of residence. Depending on the state in which you live, you will likely face time restrictions on the number of days that can pass before you must register the vehicle by law.

In most states you’ll need to first purchase auto insurance before you can register a new vehicle. Your auto insurance must meet your state’s minimum liability coverage requirements, and you must be able to provide proof of coverage when you register the car. If you are not getting a first time registration and instead are merely renewing your coverage, you are still likely to have to provide proof of insurance coverage to maintain state registration.

How to Get Your Vehicle Registered

The easiest way to register your vehicle is to purchase it from a car dealer. Whether you purchase new or used, most car dealerships will handle the vehicle registration process for you and even roll the cost of your registration into the loan you use to finance your purchase.

However, if you are moving from another state or purchase the vehicle from a previous owner, you must provide your state’s registration issuance department with your proof of ownership of the vehicle. That may be a bill of sale or the vehicle’s title. You’ll also have to provide proof that you are licensed to drive the vehicle and provide proof of insurance. Some states also require a vehicle emissions inspection before granting a registration. Be prepared to pay a registration fee, which varies by state and according to the type of vehicle you drive.

Depending on the state you register your vehicle in, you may receive a registration sticker to go on your windshield or license plate. Some states, such as Connecticut, do not supply drivers with registration stickers, but instead provide a registration certificate that must be carried at all times in the same way a driver’s license or insurance card must.

Which is the Worst Insurance Company?

Which is the Worst Insurance Company?It can be difficult to determine with absolute certainty which insurance company is the “worst.” However, there are several characteristics of insurance companies that buyers should avoid when shopping around for insurance coverage. First things first, you should research the background of an insurance company by reading the reports submitted by rating companies such as Standard and Poor’s, AM Best, Weiss Ratings, and Fitch Ratings. Each of these rating companies features a comprehensive, user-friendly website that any buyer can visit to get a better understanding of the financial security of a long list of American insurance companies.

In addition to researching the insurance company’s ratings, you should also conduct a general internet search for any lawsuits or complaints that may be following certain insurance agencies. For example, the insurance giant Allstate has had more complaints filed against it than any other insurance company. It has been reported that employees of the company were instructed to lie to customers who filed honest insurance claims, and sent away many individuals who rightly deserved compensation. The CEO of Allstate, Thomas Wilson, has publicly claimed to be more concerned with pleasing the company’s stockholders than its customers.

One of the most effective ways you can determine whether or not an insurance company is honest and dependable is by comparing the experience and information you receive from multiple agencies. Be sure to verify the information given with a credible source online to ensure which is the most accurate. After testing the waters at multiple agencies, you can make your decision based on which agency offers the best value and which one you feel most comfortable with personally. Your insurance agency should be willing to accommodate you, and should be willing to go out of their way to answer your questions and offer multiple solutions. If a meeting with an insurance agent makes you feel uncomfortable or uncertain in any way, it is usually best to go with your instincts and continue searching elsewhere.

What is a Multiple Car Discount

What is a Multiple Car Discount?A multiple car discount is a great way to save money on your car insurance. Many insurance providers will reward customers who insure more than one car with the company. When it comes time to renew your insurance policy, consider searching for additional quotes from top providers and make sure you are not paying too much for your automobile coverage.

If you recently got married, you may not have considered combining your car insurance policies. With all of the excitement of getting married and combining households, this money saving tip is sometimes overlooked. If you and your spouse are due to renew you policies in the near future, take the time to compare quotes from several different companies and put all of the vehicles on one policy. You may be amazed by how much money you can save.

When your teenage son or daughter begins driving and you decide to buy him a car, make sure you ask your insurance provider for a multiple car discount. If you think the rates are too high – it is a perfect time to shop around and see if you can get a better deal with another insurance company. Some insurance providers specialize in protecting young or risky drivers. It is worth the time and effort to compare quotes and find a great deal.

Finally, if you purchase an RV or even a motorcycle, you may qualify for a multiple car discount. Insurance companies want to reward customers who choose to purchase all of their coverage from the same provider. If you don’t have the time or patience to search for better insurance yourself, allow an independent agent to take care of all the hard work. When you work with independent agents, they can quickly compare multiple quotes and find a rate that will easily fit into your budget. If you have any questions about the type of insurance you need, your agent will help you find the insurance you need for the price you can afford.

Give Room for Bicyclists

Give Room for BicyclistsA worst crash which ever happened between a car and a bicyclist occurred in U.S, since then both are at odds. When any car collides with the bicycle, the consequences of it is always worst for the bicycle rider. As per the records of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 750 cyclists were killed in road accidents and nearly 50,000 were injured badly in the year 2008. The accident rate was high majorly in urban areas usually in day time by evening. Sadly, most of the accidents occurred killed a child between age group of 10 to 15 years.

Safety Measures

Looking at the rate at which bicyclists accident was happening, Wisconsin state government rolled out few rules and regulations in order to avoid such incidents.

  • Maintain a distance of 3 foot between you and the bicyclist. Give them clearance.
  • When you take turns while driving, give yield to bicyclists the way you give it to a car.
  • Be very careful specially when driving by neighbor hoods or near by schools. Pave way for kids.
  • When moving your car from parking lot or while opening car doors, look behind for cyclists.
  • When you are driving behind a bicycle, slow down while taking turns at any intersection. Do not try to over take them. This might lead to a collision.

Measures to be Taken by Cyclists

  • Even the cyclists have to follow the same traffic rules as any vehicles. Ride in the same lane, check for signals, yield in a right way for other vehicles or bicycles and follow the traffic accordingly.
  • While cycling at night or in dark, wear reflectors or headlights. Ensure the headlights are clearly visible till certain distance for other vehicles nearing you.
  • Ride with a helmet.
  • Do always signal before you take turns.

Don’t Let the Desire for Familiarity Stop You From Getting the Best Car Insurance Coverage

Obtain Best Car Insurance PolicyIf you want to learn the best way to shop for auto insurance, sometimes you have to make mistakes. Big ones. Fortunately for you, there have been plenty of other people that have come and gone ahead of you who have essentially laid a solid foundation for the things to avoid when shopping for car insurance. One of the things they’ve taught us is that more often than not, you have to fight your human nature to find the best deal.

How so? Consider this: one of the biggest roadblocks to finding the best possible car insurance coverage is the desire for familiarity. People are creatures of habit, and it shows in the patterns by which we lead our lives—eating at the same restaurants, shopping at the same stores, seeing the same doctors… and failing to compare auto insurance by sticking with the same old insurer we’ve had for years.

As you might imagine, this is a mistake on a number of levels. Unless you compare auto insurance regularly, you’ll never know if you’re paying far too much. You’ll never discover—until it’s far too late, anyway —whether your coverage is sufficient or if you’re throwing money away on over-insurance. So what’s the best thing to do if you despise change? Shop for auto insurance at least once a year and if you find a better deal elsewhere, discuss it with your insurance agent to see if they can match the coverage. If they agree, you’ll be in a bona fide win-win situation.

Delaware Car Insurance Costs

Delaware Cars and Their InsuranceBuying low premium in Delaware for car insurance is not at all easy. How much ever may be the price it is mandatory that you buy Delaware car insurance. Choose your premium in such a way that it suits your budget and requirements. Delaware car insurance is a must because it protects your financial losses and also your family. Your losses will be payed up to your policy limits. Have knowledge about insurance and policy limits.

The cost of your car insurance will be judged depending on what type of car you are insuring with Delaware car insurance. Sporty cars will cost more and they will have to be covered with more coverage compared to family minivan. The base for calculating the insurance cost is usage of their vehicle and were your car is parked. Cargo vans meet with accidents more as their usage will be more when compared to small cars, because cargo vans are used for transportation of the items in and around the city. Your Delaware car insurance rate can increase by the cause of claims also. You will be judged as insurance risk if you are having multiple insurance claims in a year. Few areas are prone to theft and vandalism hence car insurance company consider this as an important factor. Your car insurance will increase drastically if any of the above elements change in a year. Additional factors like credit report and divorce can also change your premiums. Like how bank charges higher interest to risky customers, in the same way insurance companies also charge more for such situations. Understand all these causes so that it will help you reduce the insurance premium.

Finding the Best Homeowners Insurance Companies

Opt for The Right Insurance CompanyIf you’ve ever spent weeks chasing down quotes from various homeowners insurance companies in order to find home insurance that’s right for you, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. It’s difficult enough determining how much and what types of coverage you need without having to worry about whether the homeowners insurance companies you’re considering are reliable. Fortunately, nowadays there’s an easier way to find house insurance quickly.

Get Quotes Online

AgentInsure is one of the nation’s leading comparison sites, and can help you find the right homeowners insurance for your needs. Because AgentInsure only works with the best homeowners insurance companies out there, you don’t ever have to worry about whether you’ll get good service or whether your claims will be paid out in time. You don’t have to check your insurer’s reputation because AgentInsure’s already done the work for you!

The AgentInsure Difference

While there are numerous insurance comparison websites out there, only a select few, like AgentInsure, can claim to truly offer great rates, dependable policies and top-notch service. These websites work with homeowners insurance companies that have a proven track record of satisfied customers with well-handled claims, which is why you can rely on the selection of quotes you receive to contain at least one that will work for you. Simply go to the website and fill out all necessary information in the online form, and within minutes you’ll receive up to five free quotes, depending on how many you request. You can compare the quotes at your leisure and once you’ve made your choice, you can follow the link in the quote to purchase your policy immediately.