Car Maintenance – Keep Your Car Away from Early Retirement

Consider these TipsYou can save money that you might end up spending on repairs by properly maintaining and a regular check of you vehicle. Specially when the vehicle has achieved great mileage and is old. To have that peace of mind and increase vehicle’s longevity, there are different ways and below are few tips to help in getting most out of your investment.

  1. Regular Check on Tires: To know how suspension and steering is performing, have a check on your tire wear. A shoulder wear or excessive edge indicates that maintenance is needed. Check regularly for tire pressure, spare parts as tires might get a premature wear. Conduct an inspection on side wall and tread areas to find any irregularities in wear or unevenly placed parts can cause damage to your vehicle.
  2. Check for Brakes Frequently: Have a thorough check of shoes, pads, rotors, fittings, calipers, parking brake and brake hardware. If squeal is found in brakes then replace it immediately.
  3. Check on Fluid Levels at Times: You need to change and replenish engine oil when needed. Check for lubricants and vehicle fluids and check them at regular intervals. If found dirty fluids, it will damage your vehicle’s engine.
  4. Check for Hoses, Engine Belts, and Fuel Filter: Preventing a breakdown or a serious damage on engine by a measure of replacing hoses and belts at regular recommended intervals is a must as a drive belt alone can supply power to many accessories of engine and also hoses are found to carry fluids vital to your vehicle under heavy pressure.
  5. Change Air Filter: Protecting vehicle’s engine from contaminants in done by the air filters. If there is no sufficient air flow to the engine, it effects the performance and will also result in fuel consumption to greater extent. An air filter helps in easy flow of air free of dirt for better performance and longer life.
  6. Check for Battery and it’s Performance: Critical part of the vehicle is the battery which helps in start up, running of ac and other accessories. If you find a corroded, cracked or bulged terminals, it’s a clear indication that the battery has reached its extreme condition and has to be checked or replaced. Battery life is limited, it has to be tested and replaced when necessary.
  7. Check Wiper Blades: If wiper blades are worn out then it affects the ability to see vehicles and road in front of you making the driving difficult. It is better to opt for all season wiper blades which helps in smooth operation and greater visibility. These blades are reliable, durable and gives strong performance.