Insurance for Your Vacant Home

Insurance  for your vacant HomeVacant homes are considered by the insurance company only under certain situations. Owner of vacant house resides in different state and when the house is found to be vacant for six months or even more longer, your insurance company will agree on hiring a property management firm professional to take care of your vacant house.

If the owner of the house had to move out of the state on job or due to some personal issues, he will leave behind his house vacant for one year or can be even more. As per American Association, the owner will qualify in having a care taker for his/her home, in both situations. Home insurance policies for vacant houses does not require to hire a person always from the property management firm. Even a relative or a friend of the owner, who is reliable will be considered. A friend has to visit the vacant house atleast 3 times in a month or even more. He has to check for electrical, plumbing or roofing condition and ensure everything is working fine.

However, if the relative or friend fails to do his duties and some hazard occurs or if he fails to visit the vacant house, then your home insurance would not accept any claims made by you. Any claims made to cover the perils or accidents will be labeled as “Negligence” and leads to denial of your claims. Hence, before considering any relative or friend, think over. A benefit of a care taker appointed by the property management firm is that, if any incident occurs, the claims made will be processed with out any difficulty.