When it Comes to Quotes for Auto Insurance, Honesty is the Best Policy

Get Right QuotesIf you’ve ever driven past a car lot while it’s closed and have spied the occasional lone figure roaming between cars checking price tags, you’re probably witnessing the lengths to which some people will go in order to avoid a sales pitch. That same sentiment bleeds over into those who’d rather seek out quotes for auto insurance online than anywhere else. Simply put, it’s the best place to go to compare auto insurance rates without being forced to endure the salesmanship that comes with talking to an agent face to face or by phone.

But are online quotes for auto insurance accurate? Truth be told, they’re only as accurate as you let them be. If you’re looking to compare auto insurance rates and want absolutely zero uncertainty about the validity of the quote you’re given, all you have to do is do what your parents taught you to do: tell the truth.

Being straightforward and honest about your driving record won’t hurt your chances of getting insurance coverage, but lying about it can cause delays, not to mention a much higher rate than the initial online quote. If the comparison engine asks you if you’ve had any accidents or tickets, fess up. If you fudge the numbers on the initial pass, you’ll probably get a lower quote. But your driving record is always double checked before any firm offers are made.

There are plenty of methods of lowering your car insurance, but being less than forthcoming about the facts is not one of those ways.