The Consequences of Not Having Texas Car Insurance

Texas Car Insurance for RescueAll states have their own set of car insurance rules. In Texas, all car owners must meet minimum liability requirements on any vehicle they drive. The minimum requirements are $30,000/$60,000/$25,000. If you do not have proof of insurance, or do not carry insurance on your vehicle, you will face tough consequences if you are stopped by a police officer.

  • The first offense for being caught without car insurance will result in a fine of at least $175 and as much as $350, in addition to any court fees.
  • Subsequent offenses will result in fines of as little as $350 and as much as $1,000, in addition to court fees, impoundment of the vehicle at your own expense, and the suspension of your driver’s license for as long as two years.
  • Once convicted, you will face a yearly surcharge of $250 for three years to maintain your Texas driver’s license.
  • Last but not least, when you finally do purchase Texas auto insurance, it is safe to assume that your car insurance premiums will be much higher than they would have been had you simply purchased insurance in the first place.

Don’t drive on the road without Texas auto insurance. Keep in mind, the state of Texas has an insurance verification system called TexasSure, so a police officer can easily know if you have insurance.

How to Compare Texas Auto Insurance

Texas Insurance QuotesDrivers in Texas want to know how to compare Texas auto insurance. You need to be certain you have adequate automobile insurance coverage but you also want the cheapest insurance and the best automobile insurance you can get. How do you do this? By getting insurance quotes. One thing you can do to save yourself time is by getting the cheapest insurance quotes from a one-stop marketplace service where you fill out one form and receive many quotes from companies you know and trust.

When you fill out the online form, it will ask for personal information such as your name, age, social security number, address, if you are married, the make, model and year of your car, how many miles you drive to work and for pleasure each day, if you want full coverage or liability insurance, along with other questions. Be sure to put the exact same answers on every form, if you do fill out more than one, when you are comparing your Texas auto insurance because if you don’t, you will not get a true comparison.

Your goal is to receive quotes from top companies who want your business. What you want to be sure of is that you have coverage the state of Texas Insurance Department law demands from their drivers and possibly more to meet your own specifications. You want the very best protection at the best rate from a dependable automobile insurance company. Once you apply for cheap insurance quotes, you will receive the answers you need to compare Texas auto insurance.

Commonly Overlooked Insurance Discounts

Ask for DiscountsFinding Texas auto and home insurance discounts will add money to your pocket. After all, who does not like getting a raise in this economy? Give yourself one by being savvy shopper, find the right discount with a great insurance company in Texas. The savings may be with the insurance company you already have. Look for the best discounts by performing a Texas insurance comparison.

Look at the company who covers your automobile. It meets the car insurance requirements in Texas, but does it provide you the best discounts? Many companies that have the same great coverage are providing discounts for switching. Many like their insurance or do not want do deal with what they believe will be the hassle of switching, so they never compare Texas insurance companies. Let your favorite insurance fight for your business. If they want your business, they will try to woo you back with better Texas vehicle insurance rates. Many of these discounts people overlook because some companies are not telling.

Basic car insurance in Texas will get you on the road, but it may not save you money. Consider your car purchase before you buy Texas car insurance. You can get discounts if the car has an the anti-theft device, an abs system, an economy car package, and other related items. Check with your Texas auto insurance to see if they offer discounts for good students, retirement age, safe driver, and other bonuses you can earn or qualify.

Find discounts with homeowner’s insurance with a reputable company. Otherwise, you may not have much coverage. The best Texas home insurance companies will compete for your business. Here are some saving tips. Shop the top rated homeowners insurance companies online. A higher deductible can save on the monthly premium. Upgrade your home security. Better your credit rating. Make payments electronically. These ideas and more will give you discounts by searching the Texas insurance market

The Importance of Austin Car Insurance

Wake Up Austin Residents

A lawful requirement for car insurance in Austin Texas is to protect people out on the roads. Safe drivers will have a fender bender from time to time. It is smart not to drive without insurance. A good policy protect you when the other driver is not covered. A person can compare Texas insurance companies in the city of Austin to get the best value and the best coverage. Always comply with the law, and you may also want to cover yourself against cars that don’t carry auto insurance.

Texas vehicle insurance rates for the city of Austin will be competitive. Compare insurance quotes before you purchase. Do not buy more than what you need. The amount of auto insurance that you need to buy will be determined by a number of factors. Does a finance company own the company? How many vehicles do you have? What is your age? Ask a good Texas auto insurance agent to help determine what would be the best insurance coverage for you.

Drunk driving is against the law, but it is still an unfortunate occurance. A good Austin auto insurance policy will keep you covered. Accidents caused from drunk drivers can cause injury, disability, or fatality. Some people will buy auto accidental medical coverage to protect themselves that have been hit.

Austin auto insurance benefits everyone who carries a good policy. Compare insurance quotes for the best rates. An Austin insurance agent will assist you to help purchase the best possible rate for your vehicle.

Understanding Texas Auto Insurance Liability Coverage

Texas Auto InsuranceWhen you start comparing Texas auto insurance coverage benefits and rates, you will see the word “liability” listed as one of the coverage benefits. Simply put, liability coverage means that your insurance company will pay for damages to other vehicles or property that were caused by your vehicle.

What is Liability?

The liability portion of your Texas auto insurance is what pays for the repairs to the other person’s car, as well as medical and other expenses, if the accident was your fault or if it occurs in a “no-fault” state.

What is No-Fault Insurance?

A very simple explanation of a “no-fault” state is one in which drivers involved in an accident file claims with their individual insurance companies, no matter who was at fault. Depending on the insurance laws of the 12 states which have no-fault insurance (they’ll be listed later in this article), each driver’s insurance companies pays for their covered driver’s repairs, and in some cases medical expenses and lost income.

No-fault insurance also means that neither driver can sue nor otherwise file a claim against the other person unless or until the costs incurred in the accident have exceeded a certain amount. Then, and only then, can lawsuits or other actions be taken.

What Are The No-Fault States?

The 12 no-fault states currently are: Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

How Does Liability Coverage Work in Texas?

As you can see from the list above, Texas is not a no-fault state. This means that in most circumstances fault will be placed on one of the drivers involved in an accident, and it is that driver’s liability coverage that will pay for repairs and other expenses to other vehicles.


Understand your texas insurance options

Understand The Policy

When you start shopping around for Texas home or automobile insurance coverage, you may think that it is necessary to take out as much insurance as possible to cover as many incidents as you can This is not necessarily the case. You should carefully consider which options are best for you personally. Some of these options for Texas home and auto insurance coverage are:

  • Medical coverage in case someone is injured in your home. Some Texas insurance companies make this an option, and it can save you money on your premiums. However, you should be aware that if an injury to someone else occurs at your home, they can file a lawsuit or other claim asking you to pay medical and other expenses. For this reason alone, many Texas residents go ahead and include at least a small amount of medical coverage.
  • Coverage on unattached buildings (sheds, garages, barns, etc). Some insurance companies include these in the homeowner policy; others do not, and you can decide if you want to have coverage on those buildings. If your house still has a mortgage, you may not have options; the mortgage company may require you to have the most complete coverage possible.
  • For Texas auto insurance: Full coverage or liability only: depending on the age of your car, and whether or not it is paid off, you can sometimes choose to just take out liability insurance. This pays only for damages to other vehicles or property as well as other expenses that happened as a result of an accident; it does not pay for repairs to your car or medical expenses for you. If your car is not paid off, you may have to take out full coverage.

Should I buy vehicle insurance because it is the cheapest?

Your Location MattersProviders will write policies to attract customers who seek the minimum car insurance requirements in Texas and other states. These are usually at risk customers who find it difficult to get insurance anywhere else. A person needs to compare Texas car insurance companies before going with the cheapest. These less expensive policies may not offer you very much protection and you may end up paying more in the long run. The convenience of being able to drive legally is why you are paying very low Texas vehicle insurance rates.

If you are involved in an accident you may not be completely covered with only basic car insurance in Texas. Remember, these policies usually have no frills. The payout for hospitalization, medical coverage, or major damage done to the other vehicle will be very low. Cheap Texas auto insurance equals very limited coverage. If the other driver does not get complete satisfaction with your insurance company, they may seek to gain it under the law. You have to ask if that is worth the risk.

Your geographic region will determine the value of buying the cheapest insurance. People who live in a rural area and do not drive at high speeds may find value in cheap insurance. Cities that are populated with congested traffic like a larger metropolis could be very risky.

Texas insurance companies are regulated to meet the demands of state requirements. Before you buy cheap Texas Insurance, check what discounts are available from some of the highest rated companies. Their discounts may be the better value. Your next fender bender may allow you to breathe a little easier.

Why should you shop for insurance before leasing or financing?

Value for Your Money

Shopping for insurance before buying a vehicle will help you determine what Texas auto insurance companies are offering in the way of discounts. Everyone loves discounts, and you will find it similar to a faithful as an old friend when it puts money back in your pocket. An independent Texas insurance agent can help you know what different insurance companies offer in regards to saving you money. A Texas insurance comparison will help determine who pays you back the most while offering you the same great service you would have paid higher somewhere else.

Shopping around for car insurance will give you a better idea of rates comparison with other vehicles. Do not take the rate from your present insurance company without checking out the price quotes from other agencies. A reputable Texas insurance company will often compete for the same good service for a less monthly premium. Let your favorite Texas car insurance company compete for your service. Go with someone else until your first choice comes down on their prices. Be a savvy Texas insurance market shopper.

You will find out how much insurance will add to your car payments before signing dotted line. You may have an ambition to get that sports car or other type of vehicle that you have had your eyes on for a few weeks. However, you need to compare Texas car insurance rates in order to know how much it’s going to add to the monthly ticket. Otherwise, you may be strapped for cash.

What Do Insurance Providers Look For In Drivers

Checklist Expectations

When a person is in the market for Texas car insurance, a good record goes a long way and will affect your future. Here are some tips to consider when wanting to know what vehicle providers study to determine your premium for the year. A person may be surprised by what they find.

  • Your age maybe a factor. Young adults will not be able to save as much money. The older population is considered to have more experience and is rewarded for their safer driving habits. Young drivers can compare prices of Texas insurance companies for the best rates.
  • Providers look at one’s occupation. If driving is a major part of work, the person will be a higher risk when they are in the market for basic car insurance in Texas.
  • A bad credit rating can affect a person’s premiums so check your credit reports annually. A good Texas insurance agent will help you find the best coverage.
  • What kind of car do you drive? It will matter when you buy Texas Auto insurance. Choose a car that is less sporty to be considered less of a liability for an auto insurance company. Some colors will even increase the insurance.
  • Geography plays an important role that will affect your Texas car insurance coverage. If you are in a major city that is congested, premiums will be higher than in a rural town.
  • How many accidents have you had in the past 3-5 years? If you have had a good number of citations or accidents, you are higher risk for auto insurance companies!

Insurance providers will collect records from the Department of Motor Vehicles in every state you have lived to determine your Texas car insurance rates. Providers look at your credit records, and any other public information to determine what to charge you so be sure to keep your records clean.

7 Things to Know About Texas Auto Insurance

Texas Auto Insurance For YouIf you are looking to buy auto insurance in Texas, here are the top seven things that you must know.

1.) Don’t even try it if you have a DUI. Ain’t’ gonna happen.

2.) Speed demon? Don’t do it. You think your first car is fast? Texas cops drive really fast cars, so they are both non-impressed and eager to ticket you if you go flying by them while they hide in the bushes.

3.) At the very least, you must have liability insurance in Texas. Liability insurance means you have the auto insurance required to cover any damage to another car for which you may be liable. There are many Texas auto insurance agencies who specialize in liability, but be sure to read the fine print, as you may be signing up for a gargantuan deductible.

4.) “But who is gonna fix my car?” you ask. Well, you have to have collision insurance in order to have your expenses covered or partially covered.

5.) If you have comprehensive coverage, this insurance will pay to have your car replaced should it be totaled.

6.) If you owe money on a vehicle you are driving, it is smart to have comprehensive and collision to protect your investment. If you are paying on a bank note, it’s the law to have comprehensive and collision.

7.) Don’t mess with Texas. They are very serious about drivers being properly insured. It is not worth the tickets and court costs to try to “slide by” without insurance. They will catch you.