Can someone injured at Super Bowl party at my house make a claim on our policy?

You invite friends and their friends to your home, your property, for a Super Bowl party and someone suffers an injury. Your homeowners insurance provides several ways to help with medical care for minor or major injury scenarios from dog bites to broken bones.

First, your homeowners policy provides medical payments coverage which has a lower limit, perhaps several thousand dollars, to reimburse first aid or minor doctor visit costs. This no fault coverage does not require the injured party to sue or threaten to sue. It’s simply medical coverage for the property.

Second, your homeowners policy provides liability insurance which covers at fault injuries on your premises. At fault in these terms does not indicate viscousness on your part, just an unsafe condition which can range from a railing giving out to a chair collapsing under your guests weight. Compare this coverage to medical payments. Liability has a much higher limit available for medical costs, but it has a higher threshhold of circumstances to collect these payments. A proactive claim must occur.

These coverages can vary by State. It is wise to check online for quotes and policy descriptions from an independent agency serving your area. Many options exist for policy liability limits and property coverage to protect your home.

Proper loss control avoids claims. Lock up your dog if he doesn’t like crowds of people. Make sure all food is prepared properly and thoroughly cooked. Remove shaky or unstable furniture, especially seating, and rugs people can trip over. Walk through the space where the party is to be held and think safety. Common sense helps spot danger.

So, are you covered for injuries to your guests at a Super Bowl party? Yes, if you compare quotes online to create a policy with terms and conditions to your liking. Once you decide to throw that party, walk through the space and correct any conditions which could lead to injury.

Remember to relax and enjoy the party.