Classic Thoughts About Cell Phone and Driving

Cell phones are dangerous while drivingThe cell phone statistics of car accident shows that text messaging while driving is the most serious activity related to cell phone. In other words, they believed it is unsafe to hold the cell phone in hand will driving. A major part of car accidents have been set apart to cell phone related distraction. It is believe that most crashes involving teen drivers are due alcohol but at same time even the cell phones are one of the primary causes of most teen crashes in the major part of the accidents.

Cell Phone Driving – Not Safe

Loss of Substantial control– It is observed that many drivers try and use only one hand on the steering wheel but it is important to use both the hands on the steering wheel during an emergency, as it is not safe to driver using a single hand. When the drivers keep talking on the cell phones and driving with one hand at the same time, they operate to hang onto the phone instead they drop it for additional vehicle control.

Peripheral driving vision to be taken away by cell phones- When driving a vehicle the peripheral vision is constantly used even without your notice. It is just more of a subconscious thing that happens which you will be using it most of the time. Holding a phone onto my ear, hand, my arm, and even the cell phone itself is limiting the peripheral vision. The movement of neck restrictions will be caused by the physical act of holding the phone.

Drop age of Phone – When it comes to driving and cell phones, people come through some trouble in dangling on to the phone! Whether it is fumbling to answer the ringing cell phone, cell phones get dropped much often in cars or striking the huge pothole. Instinctively, the driver will go down to grab the phone and crash into a bus. The forceful prospect of holding a phone while driving is the beginning and the biggest reason as to why our driving becomes impaired.