The Difference Between Guesstimates and Estimates

Guess and Estimate!If you’ve spent more than five minutes trying to compare auto insurance policies and prices, you probably already have an aversion for the word “guesstimate” – as well you should. This is one of those words that can cause serious headaches when it comes to determining how much it’s going to cost you to insure your car. The reason? Most guesstimates are so far off the mark you might as well just ask a random stranger on the street how much they pay for coverage.

So how do you know if you’re getting a guesstimate or an estimate when doing your vehicle insurance comparison? Here are a few things to keep your eyes open for.

• Beware the agent or the online site that asks no questions. Whether you compare auto insurance online or in person, the bottom line is going to have everything to do with the personal information that you provide: from what kind of car you drive to how many tickets you’ve received to what your credit score is. Any accurate estimate will require that you give up your social security number and an accurate representation of your driving record. If anyone quotes you a figure without any of this information, you’re getting a ballpark guesstimate.

• If it’s too easy, it’s probably inaccurate. Getting a vehicle insurance comparison isn’t exactly brain surgery, but it’s not a simple process either. You have to provide a fair amount of information before you can get an accurate quote for coverage, and this can be a bit time consuming. Anytime you’re given a quote without first investing a bit of time and effort, it’s probably inaccurate and you shouldn’t count on its precision.

• Watch out for the fine print. Seek it out, and when you’ve found it, read it. All of it. And don’t just skim the words for important phrases. Unless you’re into getting major letdown surprises from car insurance agents, you’ll read everything that’s put before you. This is where you’ll spot such qualifying statements that start out like “The above figures are based on the average cost of…” and usually end by telling you that you’ll probably pay a lot more if you don’t fall into the exact definition just given.

When Bad Things Happen in Your Good Name

Do not be It's VictimA thief can pretend to be you if he gets access to your date of birth, social security number or even the address and telephone number. The thieves can access your bank accounts,new credit card accounts, get an employment, establish utility company accounts, rent an apartment or house in your name. Identity theft is a new type of protection plan insurance that claims to protect one from costs that has happened for the identity theft and the process to clean the mess when somebody steals your identity. A related service to identity theft is credit monitoring. It reviews the credit report at one of the main credit reporting agencies and then notifies if any changes are required, may be change in address,inquires on your account, new credit accounts in your name so that these will not create problem.

Steps to Avoid Before Becoming a Victim of identity Theft

  1. SSN card is very important do not carry where ever you go. Keep it in a secure place.
  2. 2.Avoid using pin numbers which are too easy to guess for example phone number or date of birth.
  3. 2.Keep monitoring your accounts Online : Sign up in your accounts if your bank allows you to view online. To ensure that no unauthorized charges have been made on your accounts log-in in to your account and keep checking periodically. Do not tell your log-in details to any one and do not write it down any where. Keep all the details in a safe place.
  4. Pick Up Your Check Order : Another way thieves get to know your identity is by stealing your checks. A thief can use your checks and also create a new check to make his purchases by checking and routing your account number.

How to Compare Texas Auto Insurance

Texas Insurance QuotesDrivers in Texas want to know how to compare Texas auto insurance. You need to be certain you have adequate automobile insurance coverage but you also want the cheapest insurance and the best automobile insurance you can get. How do you do this? By getting insurance quotes. One thing you can do to save yourself time is by getting the cheapest insurance quotes from a one-stop marketplace service where you fill out one form and receive many quotes from companies you know and trust.

When you fill out the online form, it will ask for personal information such as your name, age, social security number, address, if you are married, the make, model and year of your car, how many miles you drive to work and for pleasure each day, if you want full coverage or liability insurance, along with other questions. Be sure to put the exact same answers on every form, if you do fill out more than one, when you are comparing your Texas auto insurance because if you don’t, you will not get a true comparison.

Your goal is to receive quotes from top companies who want your business. What you want to be sure of is that you have coverage the state of Texas Insurance Department law demands from their drivers and possibly more to meet your own specifications. You want the very best protection at the best rate from a dependable automobile insurance company. Once you apply for cheap insurance quotes, you will receive the answers you need to compare Texas auto insurance.