Fire-Proofing Tips for Your Home

Taking extra precautions to protect your home from the devastating effects of a house fire is not only beneficial for your safety, but for your wallet as well. Many insurance companies grant discounts and special privileges to a homeowner who takes extra measures to fireproof the home and reduce the risk of a fire. If you are a homeowner who is interested in creating a fireproof home to reduce the cost of home insurance and enhance safety, consider the following helpful tips to make your home a safer place.

1. Smoke Alarms

Installing smoke alarms in your home has proven to dramatically reduce the amount of house fires that occur each year. This is because smoke alarms can detect the slightest bit of smoke and will alert you before the fire spreads to an unmanageable size. The more smoke alarms a homeowner has in the home, the more discounts your insurance provider will offer.

2. Fire Extinguishers

If you want to truly fireproof your home, you have to be prepared to fight a fire quickly in case it ignites. Sink water just doesn’t cut it for quick extinguishing, but a fire extinguisher will suffocate the flames quicker than ever and on a large scale. A homeowner should keep multiple fire extinguishers in easily accessible areas of the home to ensure quick extinction of all types of house fires.

3. Consistently Check Your Home For Fire Hazards

Many house fires occur from mistakes that could have been avoided if the homeowner were more attentive to the fire hazards in the home. One of the best ways to fireproof the home is by simply analyzing it for these hazards and re-organizing the home to eliminate hazards. For example, clear the area surrounding electrical sockets, heating vents, lamps, stoves, fireplacesand other areas that could potentially start a fire if placed too close to a flammable object. Smoke outdoors only and extinguish cigarettes with water or sand just to be safe.

Securing Celebrations at Home

Are You Secured ?It’s always fun to dust off your party shoes and get ready to welcome home your guests for gathering, party or any celebrations. Be it holidays or festive season, you invite people home, serve them delicious food, desserts and drinks. It is always a good idea to make sure you are planning a fun yet safe party to avoid any further potential problems. It is important for any homeowner to take necessary precautions, habit home safety to prevent filing of claims under your homeowners insurance policy.

Tips for Home Safety to Avoid Claims

Decorative Candles: The most common insurance claims made by homeowners are due to fire damage in their home. House decorated with candle light, where candles are one of the easiest ways to start fires.. Be sure to keep open flames away from curtains, decorations or any flammable materials.

Glorious Food: Be any party or celebration, food is always a concern. Make sure, guests are served with hot food and refrigerator has enough room to hold all the food. Let the food not look all spoiled. If any of your guests incur food poisoning, you will be held responsible and will end up paying medical bills.

Loving Pets: Do keep your pets away from guests, no matter how friendly they are. You will not be able to predict when your dog will get furious. Also, make sure to keep the dogs away from food and any such decorated parts of home, just in case if they cause damage to home or any possible fire.

Home Security: Festive season is when thefts and burglars celebrate. Ensure to have a proper reliable security alarm system installed , also a motion sensitive lights in and around your property. Also, check for smoke alarms to prevent, or minimize damage from fire.

Turn The Lights On: When u arrange for a party at night, do lit all the lights. Keep the path leading to front step and your home well-lit. This can prevent any elderly person or kids from being a victim of painful fall. You are just avoiding a liability coverage claim which was all set to happen.

Drinks: A party or celebration is never enjoyed without alcohol and other drinks. Make sure to be a good host and set an end time for the party, not to worry about long drinking hours. Do hire some person to serve drinks and monitor guests. Have an eye on kids and teenagers, keep them away from alcoholic beverages. Do not let anyone drive home if they are found to be drinking all the time. Any accident occurring, you will be liable for it. Can Help you Find the Lowest Texas Home Insurance Rates

Looking for Lowest Texas Home Insurance RatesThe state of Texas has been hit hard with insurance premiums due to the storms in the past few years. Home insurance rates have gone up rather then down. Every day people across the state open their insurance policies and find an increase in premium for what seems like an unknown cause. AgentInsure gives some of the best ways to lower your homeowners premium.

Deductibles play a big role in the amount of money you pay in every year. One rule of thumb for this savings is the higher the deductible the lower the premium.

Have both policies from the same carrier has a way of saving some money as well. There will usually be a discount for both policies that will show up as a multi policy discount.

Keep up to date with all of the security features available to protect you home with. Items include smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and alarm systems that are monitored. Many carriers take dollars off the premium for keeping your home safe.

Some companies even offer a military discount for active and retired personnel. Make sure to have your papers available to show you were or are currently in the service.

Shop around for a better rate is probably the biggest way to save money for some people. Just because you have been with the same company for years does not always guarantee you are getting the best rate. Just make sure to compare coverage to make sure that they are better or equal to what you have on the home now.