Smart Phones to Keep The Drive Safe

Smart Technology for Smart DriversWith the use of cell phones and many phone applications, technology is getting bad name when it comes to driving. Lot of distractions will be there while driving because people use their cell phones while driving. Now technology is looking to improve upon safe driving and bring awareness of what is happening on the road.  Many of the companies which are working on technology  and auto manufacturers are exploring the possibilities of car accidents, repairs and  measures for safe driving.

People who use smart phones and are familiar in making good use of the applications can use phone’s camera to point at their business. Along with the business information the phone also shows price points, consumer ratings and other information related to business.

Smart Technology for Smart Drivers!

According to application’s website, the driver can attach the smart phones inside the car so that the camera guides about how the road is further. The display on your phone will be exactly same as how it looks outside the window. It will also display the graphics generated by the computer which show were the lanes are and how much distance is the driver away from hitting the car ahead and in what speed the driver is driving his car. Different color codes are given to measure the distance from one vehicle to another vehicle ahead of you. If the driver is too close to another car,  the color changes from green to yellow to red displaying the distance. If the driver is in danger, very close to clash the car in front of him, an alarming sound is produced from the application. Drivers receive audio warning as well as visual warning.

This application promises the users to reduce the accidents and car insurance claims. This technology is  trying to intimate the driver different kinds of danger he may face while driving. For example: to intimate the driver that an animal is crossing over your car or running  in front of your car  at a distance. Also a detailed report about the foggy, cloudy or any other weather conditions. With the help of right engineering to road safety the enhanced technology would become standard for the upcoming models.