Buying insurance online vs. in person

Buying insurance online vs. in personAre you the kind of person who likes to avoid the crowds and shop online? Do you prefer making dinner reservations through your tablet computer or ordering airplane tickets through your airlines’ Web site? Would you rather pick up the phone to make your hotel reservations or order your new living room couch?

These answers are important when you’re shopping for new insurance. Whether you’re purchasing homeowners, life, auto or health insurance, you can shop for and buy policies online. Doing so is quick. But some people still prefer to buy their insurance the traditional way, with meeting an insurance agent face-to-face.

Both methods have their advantages. Consider shopping for insurance online. If you’re strapped for time, you can log onto an insurance-comparison Web site and instantly compare insurance quotes and policy types from the biggest insurance providers across the country. When you find a policy you like at a price you deem fair, you can quickly purchase it.

For others, though, buying insurance directly from an insurance agent is the favored approach. When meeting with insurance agents in person, shoppers can ask the questions that won’t get answered — at least not quickly — from an online insurance provider. Some shoppers simply feel more confident that they’ll receive the best service when they meet with agents in person.

There is a third option, though. Some shoppers prefer to research insurance policies online and then make their actual purchases while meeting with an insurance agent in person. By logging onto an insurance-comparison Web site, consumers can quickly receive live quotes from insurance providers across the nation. Armed with this information, they can then visit a local insurance agent to discuss their options. This results in better-informed consumers who have boosted their odds of finding the right insurance policy for them.

The best news is that no one approach is right or wrong. It’s up to consumers themselves to determine which method of hunting for auto, health, life or homeowners insurance is best for them.

Regular Check on Tires Keeps Your Journey Safe

Regular Check on Tires Keeps Your Journey SafeAs per the estimation made by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 350 deaths occur due to accidents resulted by tire failure. Much before there is a tread separation or blow out of tire, get it checked on regular basis to avoid such disasters.

Inflation of Tire

You are spending a lot on fuel, this can also be prevented by regular tire checks. Ensure proper inflation of tires which gets you good gas mileage and avoids wear and tear of tire. It is just the matter of few minutes and a check on tire pressure is done. If you are not sure about the inflation rate, it is displayed at every car shop and will also be mentioned in the user manual when you buy a car. Do not go with the number displayed on the tire as that is the maximum pressure a tire can withstand and not the required pressure for the tire to withstand your vehicle weight and size.

Remember, the best time to measure the tire pressure is when the tires are cold. You can use a gauge meant to check tire pressure available at any auto shop. In order to measure, you have to unscrew the valve cap, place gauge on the valve stem and obtain the reading by just one press. Try taking the reading when you have not driven anywhere yet. In case of low pressure, inflate it. If high, then depress the stem pin and let the air go. It is important to drive under right pressure. Excess gives you a rough drive and under inflated causes wear and tear and of course loss of fuel.

New Tires

Tires can serve the best when looked upon and cared regularly. Buy the best tire which suits every weather condition. Specially when you are living in a location which experiences drastic weather changes, it is good to opt for the best of tires be it little expensive.

Insuring the Antique – 3 Important Points to Consider

Insuring The AntiqueAntique car owners may think they have their work cut out for them when they shop for auto insurance, but in truth as long as the following 3 concerns are kept in focus and addressed, it should be no more difficult than getting insurance for any other type of vehicle.

1. Regular auto insurance won’t suffice. If you’ve got an antique car, your best bet is to get an antique car insurance quote. The difference is huge, and can be summed up in the amount of money the insurer will pay out if your antique car is damaged, stolen, or totaled. Standard insurance pays out based on book value, but your antique’s true value may not be best represented by this. When you shop for auto insurance for an antique, coverage has to be based on “Agreed Value.”

2. Don’t over-insure. There’s a difference between getting insurance for a car you use all the time, and one you only drive on weekends or that you only display at car shows. You can save a good bit of money on premiums if you don’t use your antique on a regular basis and that limited usage is a part of the contract.

3. Keep records of the money you put in to your antique car. As anyone who’s ever owned a classic or a road-worthy antique, there’s a lot of maintenance and upkeep that goes into keeping them tip top and operational. These expenses figure into the value of your vehicle and should be a big part of the entire “agreed value” discussions. Be prepared to fork over evidence of your investments.

Considering Insurance Discounts for Seniors in South Dakota

Obtain Those Discounts On Being AgedBeing a senior citizen also has it’s own benefits. Almost everywhere, from restaurants to theaters, banks to hotels, an aged person will have discounts. Discounts are not made easily available unless you approach the store person or at the cash counter and check for discounts. But at some shops, you will be recognized as a senior citizen and offered reliable discounts. The percentage at which the discounts are offered, it varies from one shop to another similarly from one insurance company to another. Usually it varies from 10% to 50%.

Aged people do not only gain discounts at shops and insurance but also on establishing a business. Discounts are being part of senior citizen organization or other organizations built for senior welfare. A tie up of such organizations with business can fetch discounts on even online purchases. Most common discount available to senior citizens is through travel deals. An aged person can obtain up to 50% off on travel packages as the tour packages are often costly, this discount can be an added benefit. All it needs is a little research to find the best deals in the huge market.

Senior Citizen and Insurance

Insurance companies also offer various discounts to senior citizens. Be it any type of insurance, car, home, health or life insurance, discounts are made available. However, it needs an approval from the American Federation of Senior Citizens organized basically for people above 50 or 55. This agency has to qualify and certify you to be a senior citizen, post which you as an aged person will be able to enjoy the benefits and receive assistance through local government and federal agencies. Your age and income will be considered mainly even before the federal organization passes an approval to support a senior citizen’s requirement. This support is not termed as discounts but as a help rendered to aged by the state government.

Whether you are aware or not, make sure to check with any shop, insurance company or any organization you visit on discounts available when you have an elderly person with you. The money saved here can give an enjoyment in a better way. When in that age where you call yourself as a senior citizen, ask for the discounts everywhere you go, giving value to the money spent on almost everything.

Ways to Keep Insurance Premiums Low

Keep Your Premiums LowInsurance premiums can rise over time as they fluctuate with the market. However, insured people can work to keep their insurance premiums low by reducing their risks, selecting a deductible, grouping coverage, and comparison shopping before renewing a policy.

Reduce Risks

Installing a wood burning stove in a home can raise home insurance rates by increasing the risk of fire. On the other hand, using safe practices and taking action to reduce risks can reduce rates. Installing alarm systems in homes and vehicles, for example, can reduce the risk of theft and lower insurance premiums.

Select a Deductible

Having an insurance policy that covers all expenses can be an enormous convenience when needed. However, some people will find that they pay much more for their premium than their out-of-pocket expenses for repairs or replacement. Selecting an appropriate deductible amount can lower insurance premiums and result in lower out-of-pocket expenses overall.

Group Multiple Types of Coverage

Selecting a group of insurance policies from a single company, such as home, vehicle and life insurance, can result in premiums that are lower for the group than if the coverage was purchased individually.

Comparison Shop and Change Companies as Needed

Each time insured people renew their policies, they have the opportunity to comparison shop and change to new providers if they discover one that offers a lower premium for the right coverage. Many people assume that because their provider offered the best deal initially, they will continue to do so. This is not always the case, and it can pay to verify or dismiss that assumption before renewing.

Insurance rates and policies will vary between insurance companies, so it is best to consult with them regarding the actions you can take to reduce rates to discover which are most applicable.

Cheap Auto Insurance: Should You Trade Down Your Ride?

Usually, the Opting for Cheap Insurance ?type of car you drive is one of the last things to cross your mind when you shop for auto insurance. But what you drive often plays a huge part in the price you’re quoted when you run your details through a vehicle insurance comparison tool. Why? Because some cars are far more costly to insure than others.

All of this begs the question: is it economically sound to own a car that costs a small fortune to insure? The answer to that question depends entirely on you and your financial situation. To help you decide, here are a few questions to ask yourself when you shop for auto insurance:

• Is what I drive important enough for me to have to pay higher insurance premiums for it?
• How important is it to me to save money on auto insurance?
• Will cutting down on my monthly insurance premiums help out my overall financial health?

Depending on what your answer is to any of the questions above, you might arrive at the conclusion that trading down for a vehicle that’s much cheaper to insure is the smartest thing to do. However, if you’re in a position to be able to pay significantly higher premiums with minimal pain to your pocket, there’s no reason to sacrifice your dream car. Regardless of which route you take, be sure to use a vehicle insurance comparison tool to ensure you never pay more than you should for car insurance.

Do You Qualify for a Multi-Car Discount and Not Even Know It?

Obtain Multi Car DiscountGetting fast and accurate quotes for auto insurance isn’t tough. In fact, comparing insurance has never been easier. While in the old days you had to comparison shop by phone or in person, these days all you have to do is get online and within minutes you’ll have a quote. But sometimes, doing your homework ahead of time pays off.

For example, before agreeing to any auto insurance terms, it’s critical to first find out if you qualify for a multi-car insurance policy. What is a multi-car insurance policy? It’s exactly what it sounds like: a car insurance policy issued to households with more than one car. But does that only count if each car has a different driver? And do the others in your policy have to be family? The answer to both is: no.

You can qualify for a multi-car insurance policy if:

• You personally own more than one car and want them all insured.
• You share a home with other people and you want to go in together on a car insurance policy to save money. The others sharing your home don’t have to be family—as long as you share an address, you’ll qualify for the discount.

Be sure to inquire about the multi-car insurance policy when you get online quotes for auto insurance. You might be surprised by the amount of money you can save.

Why you Should Shop Insurance before Leasing or Financing

Before You Shop.When you go to a new car dealer in California and plunk down your money toward the car of your dreams, you should also consider the cost of insurance in your budget. The price of a new car these days can really put a strain on a person’s finances, and if you are financing or leasing that car, you may be saddled with high monthly payments for years to come.

Any time you lease or finance a new car, the lender will require you to carry full insurance on that vehicle. While California car insurance laws only require you to carry a small amount of bodily injury and property damage liability insurance to protect the interests of others, you might injure someone in an accident, and lenders require you to carry sufficient insurance to cover their interests.

A bank or other lending institution that provides financing or a leasing company that leases a vehicle to you has a financial interest in that vehicle until the terms of the financing or lease agreement come to an end. In addition to the mandatory liability coverage California auto insurance requires you to maintain, you must also maintain full comprehensive and collision insurance until the car is either paid off or the lease ends and you return the vehicle.

Collision will cover the value of the vehicle should it be damaged or destroyed in an accident while comprehensive covers property damage caused by forces outside of an actual crash or accident. Some areas covered by comprehensive include theft, vandalism or damage from severe weather.

While the cost of California auto insurance coverage that includes collision and comprehensive may go up by several hundred dollars, the amount added to your premium will also depend on the size of your deductible. Most lenders will require you to have a fairly low deductible, such as $250 or $500, which will cause your premium to be a little higher than if you had a $2,000 deductible.

The important thing to remember about insurance requirements when financing or leasing a vehicle is that you will need to buy more than the minimum amount of California auto insurance mandated by state law to protect the interests of the lender.

Tips for Shopping Cheaper Insurance in Texas

multi cars on  single policyJust about everyone these days has had to pay closer attention to the price they pay for the goods and services they want and need. Whether we are purchasing a plane ticket, buying a TV or shopping for groceries, we are always looking for the best price possible. That is also very true when shopping for insurance. The following are some helpful tips for shopping for cheaper insurance in Texas.

Shop Around

In a competitive market in which there are many insurance companies from which consumers can choose, each insurer may have quite different prices on similar insurance coverage. They may prioritize risk differently when evaluating each person, which can lead to placing that individual in a different risk category. The more one is willing to shop around and compare prices, the better the deal they might find.


Texas insurance companies are always offering discounts based on the applicant being able to meet certain criteria. Statistical data shows that people with an unblemished driving record are a better risk than those that have had moving violations or been involved in accidents. They also show that young drivers are high risk, but students that earn high grades in school are lower risk. Look for insurance companies that reward you for your positive actions and activity.


Buying insurance coverage for two cars can result in a significant reduction in cost per car for insurance. For example, you might be able to insure one car for $1,000, but if you add a second car, the total bill would only be $1,500. That would work out to $750 for each car insured.

Do Not Buy Too Much Insurance

Some people mistakenly over-insure themselves by buying more insurance than they need. Why pay $200 for comprehensive and collision insurance on a 20-year-old car that is only worth $500. Think before you buy.

How do I shop for the best deal for insurance in Texas?

compare quotes on line and then buyThere is actually a bit of strategy involved when shopping for the best deal for insurance in Texas. All insurance companies are different and they all have different standards when determining rates and which applicants get the best premiums. It is up to the individual to shop around for the best deal possible.

What Type of Insurance are You Looking to Buy?

Many times an insurance agency will sell different lines of insurance. They may offer automobile, homeowners, life, medical and several other types of policies all under one roof. As a consumer, you may find that a particular company has especially low rates on automobile insurance, but higher than average rates on medical insurance. If you are shopping for car insurance, then you are in luck. If you want medical coverage, it would be to your benefit to continue shopping around.

Comparison Shopping

Before you actually set out to buy insurance, you should define your needs and then do a comparison on the exact same coverage between several companies. Unless all the variables are kept the same, you can not truly evaluate which insurance company is offering the best deal on coverage.

Cheapest is Not Always Best

Just because an insurance company might save you $10 or $20 on your premium does not necessarily mean that you should sign up with that insurance company. Other factors such as customer service and the way claims are handled are very important even though they do not have a direct monetary value. You do not want to have an accident, file a claim and then be kept on hold forever. It is definitely worth paying a little extra for great customer service.