What the Heck is Special Event Insurance and Who Needs It?

Partying - You Need ItWe’re all familiar with home and auto insurance – in fact, if you’ve been a good boy or girl and are staying on top of things like you should, it probably hasn’t been that long since you’ve looked up car and homeowners quotes online to ensure you’re still getting a fair shake from your insurance company. But have you ever heard of special event insurance?

Special event insurance is a type of insurance coverage that you can buy which offers you liability protection for a short period of time – the duration of a special event, for example. You can buy special event insurance for the following types of events:

• Weddings
• Parties
• Trade shows
• Awards ceremonies
• Live performances

Essentially, anything that can be considered a one-time event that puts you at risk for being sued if everything goes haywire and someone gets hurt is fair game for special event insurance. Needless to say, few of us will ever need to take out an insurance policy for ceremonies and public shows – but if you’ve ever organized a wedding or had more than 20 people over for a barbeque, you’ll know that these occasions are rife with pitfalls, both physical and monetary.

Although you won’t find special event insurance listed as an option with your home and auto insurance providers, with a little digging you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an independent provider that specializes in coverage for one-time occasions.