Motorist: Safety Measures when Sharing the Road with Bicyclist

In the U.S., bicycles are considered vehicles, and hold the same rights on the roadways as motor vehicles do. However, because bicycles are much smaller, slower and difficult to see, motorists must take extra safety measures when sharing the road with bicyclists.

Yield Right of Way

When approaching an intersection, yield the same right of way to bicycles as you would a vehicle. According to, approximately one in three accidents involving bicycles occur when motorists fail to yield the right of way to bicycles by either making a left turn in front of an oncoming bicycle, or pulling out from a stop sign in front of a bicycle. Always look for bicycles at intersections, and be prepared to wait for a bicyclist to pass before you proceed.

Avoid Hazards

Many motorist-bicyclist accidents are avoidable by simply being aware of potential hazards. For example, although both motorists and bicyclists must obey posted speed limit signs, it is a good idea to lower your speed when approaching a bicyclist on the road. Similarly, motorists should give bicyclists plenty of space to ride, as well as anticipate potential hazards to both themselves and bicyclists. Also, be careful to follow bicyclists at a safe distance — especially during dangerous weather.


Bicyclists are equally responsible for safety when riding on public roadways, although not all bicyclists are skilled in riding safety. For example, professional riders are much more likely to understand and adhere to traffic laws and safety precautions than leisurely cyclists and young children. Though you should be careful around all bicyclists, be especially cautious around young children and riders who may be distracted by other riders cycling with them. Doing so may not only prevent a serious accident or injury, but it could save a life too.

Getting Old to Get On the Roads?

Getting  Old to get on RoadsDriving all by themselves is a privilege and a mark of independence for Americans. Older parents will not be happy over giving their car keys and rely upon others to commute. Family members may keep them away from driving, fearing an accident or crash but parents often become reluctant with the interference of their children.

Older Drivers on Road

As per the survey conducted by Federal Highway Administration, there will be about 21 million drivers who are licensed yet old in United States. However, old is not defined by age. Drivers of age 60 can also become too old to drive on North Dakota roads. There can be certain physical limitations in every person getting old which makes driving difficult. But few senior citizens will be capable enough to drive even at their 80s and 90s. A survey by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said that older drivers have become very cautious with their driving. They are driving more carefully and hence less number of accidents or collisions involving them. Count on fatal accidents have gradually reduced when compared to the earlier survey made.

Warning Signals

As per the National Safety Commission, there are certain signs which can be followed by the loved ones of old people in order to gauge their driving ability:

  • They are having trouble in paying attention to road signs and traffic signals.
  • If getting more tickets for violating traffic rules
  • Driving slow than the traffic flow
  • An increase in number of collisions or small crashes
  • Difficulty in navigation or remembering their destination
  • More number of dents on vehicle

Telling your beloved parent to stop getting behind the wheels all by themselves would be difficult. But you need to discuss their medical conditions with them which is troubling their drive. If convincing them becomes impossible then advice them to take the vehicle during day time and to travel short distances.

Screen Doorways – Safety and Security

Screen Doorways Safety & SecurityDo you want to enjoy fresh air staying indoors? Should the air be clean, free from dust or pollution? All this is made possible by mesh doors which are easily accessible using remote control. These doors are not only easy to use, convenient, affordable but also helps you stay safe and guards your valuables. Retractable doors also give you a good visual appearance.

People today are very much concerned about protecting themselves from hazards, skin diseases due to harmful UV rays and break-in. It is really important to know about the pros and cons of having doorways and also about the materials used in framing these doors. People always opt for wood, metal or plastic materials as frames. But people need to realize that wood frames though spectacular, gets worn out soon due to change in weather conditions. Be it metal, steel or aluminum, gets corroded or becomes resilient to influences outside. With people looking for more considerable and easily affordable frames opt for vinyl frames.

Screen Doors

With advancement in technology, there are many kinds of screen doors. A retractable door and roll up doors fitting into the tube, these doors not only looks spectacular but also enlightens your entrance door which can be of fair cost. Other types of doors are sliding doors, electronic doors which can be accessed by remote control. Such screen doors protect you, your pet and family members from UV rays. They are also weather resistant, highly durable and strong to withstand drastic changes in climate.

Many companies today produce different types of screen doors in order to meet customer’s expectations. These do not cost lot of cash and one time fix lasts for long. With different price versions, they are worth the price paid with added benefits. With mesh doors you can stay inside your home and answer a stranger, preventing theft. Screen doors assure safety and gives security.

Give Room for Bicyclists

Give Room for BicyclistsA worst crash which ever happened between a car and a bicyclist occurred in U.S, since then both are at odds. When any car collides with the bicycle, the consequences of it is always worst for the bicycle rider. As per the records of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 750 cyclists were killed in road accidents and nearly 50,000 were injured badly in the year 2008. The accident rate was high majorly in urban areas usually in day time by evening. Sadly, most of the accidents occurred killed a child between age group of 10 to 15 years.

Safety Measures

Looking at the rate at which bicyclists accident was happening, Wisconsin state government rolled out few rules and regulations in order to avoid such incidents.

  • Maintain a distance of 3 foot between you and the bicyclist. Give them clearance.
  • When you take turns while driving, give yield to bicyclists the way you give it to a car.
  • Be very careful specially when driving by neighbor hoods or near by schools. Pave way for kids.
  • When moving your car from parking lot or while opening car doors, look behind for cyclists.
  • When you are driving behind a bicycle, slow down while taking turns at any intersection. Do not try to over take them. This might lead to a collision.

Measures to be Taken by Cyclists

  • Even the cyclists have to follow the same traffic rules as any vehicles. Ride in the same lane, check for signals, yield in a right way for other vehicles or bicycles and follow the traffic accordingly.
  • While cycling at night or in dark, wear reflectors or headlights. Ensure the headlights are clearly visible till certain distance for other vehicles nearing you.
  • Ride with a helmet.
  • Do always signal before you take turns.

Technology to Keep Sloshed Drivers off the Road

Technology to Avoid Accidents Due to IntoxicationThe Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration together have joined hands to prevent drunken driving and accidents related to it. Preventing the cars with drunken drivers to hit the road will be the first step towards avoiding severe injuries and accidents. The organizations are funding for a research, Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS). The groups have funded nearly $10 million to make this project fruitful.

New Technologies by DADSS

This technology is developing an in-vehicle system which can prevent the drivers whose blood alcohol limit is more than legal limit, say 0.08. Ignition interlock device is being made use currently. This device is wired to your car’s electrical system that has small breath analyzers wired to it. In case, the driver is found to be drunk with blood alcohol level above 0.08, then the engine would not start. With this technology showing good results, DADSS wants to come up with more and more innovations as such to curb drunken driving related accidents which are more effective, easily affordable, user friendly, does not require high maintenance and can reach out to public.

Two new inventions have been made by DADSS in order to measure alcohol level: distant  spectrometry and tissue spectrometry. Tissue spectrometry measures alcohol concentration through ‘touch’ methodology. When device is touched by the drunken driver, a scan will occur and an infrared light passes through the driver’s skin and appears on surface, where the touch pad analyzes, collects the data and determines alcohol concentration in driver’s tissue.
In distant spectrometry, driver’s breath is used as the source to detect alcohol level. Here alcohol concentration is determined by measuring carbon dioxide from driver’s breath. It does not involve any contact method, detects only from the driver but not other passengers.

These devices require a lot of funding and many organizations along with insurance companies of U.S have taken up endorsing in order to prevent accidents and deaths due to drunken driving. Though it costs lot of money, installation of such devices can save many lives. Also, this would not prohibit and U.S citizen from enjoying his/her life. They can always enjoy a glass of wine on their dinner table or party with beer.

Buckle Up For Safety

Safety is ImportantEver since the first vehicles have come into existence optional devices like seat belts and airbags have become the mandatory items in Ohio. Almost all the places have a safety belt law and all new vehicles have minimum requirements for installation of airbag in steering wheels and in the dashboard and doors or even roofs of vehicles.

Safety Air Bags for Protection

Air bags and seat belts protects the occupants in many ways. In case of a crash these air bag moves out the violent chance of a crash and protects the occupants from bash against the dashboard or windshield, steering wheel. The best protection is to have an effective air bag. In case of an Air bags they inflate instantly to protect the driver or passenger and also provide effective protection in frontal crashes. Both seat belt and air bag are of great advantage so its not a good idea to skip anyone of them. They spread the impact of the crash and protect fragile body parts, individual’s head and chest from the car’s hard surfaces.

Seat Belts Save Lives

Safety seat belts are so effective that it will stiff your body, in a crash, before the hit goes through the windshield and parts of your car. Your chances of survival will greatly improved by wearing your belt. Seat belt subsist of a circuit belt, which extends across your chest, stays over your pelvis, and a shoulder belt. Seat belt should be worn in the correct manner, as the stopping force will be applied to the pelvis, rib cage and to the relatively hefty body parts. When the belt is worn correctly, it will exploit the stopping force to the parts of the body. The force of the seat belts are not concentrated on a small area as these belts extend crosswise a broad section of the body much of the damage is escaped. Seat belts webbing are made of extensible material.

In addition, seat belts of the car can retract and extend which helps you to lean forward freely. But there are sudden chance of tighten up of seat belts in case of a collision. It is very risky to drive in Ohio with the benefits of airbags and seat belts.