Where to Search for a Safe Auto Insurance Quote

Your Information is Secure at AgentInsureShopping for anything online can be very dangerous. Protecting your identity while shopping for a safe auto insurance quote is just as important to us at AgentInsure as it is to you. We stand by a privacy policy that is strictly enforced to keep your information safe.

AgentInsure’s Policy

At AgentInsure, our policy is to never use your private information in a way that is unsatisfactory to you. All information that you provide through our website is only used by AgentInsure to search for and match a local independent insurance agent to your specific needs and to provide a safe auto insurance quote from that insurer. AgentInsure is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. We promise to use our best efforts to ensure your complete privacy and to use any and all information submitted to us from our website portal only for the purposes of obtaining automobile and home insurance policy quotes.

How AgentInsure Uses Your Information

When you log onto AgentInsure, we ask a series of questions in order to obtain personal information about you. We ask information about your birthday, gender, zip code, occupation, driver’s license number, driving record and email address. We use this information in order to provide you with insurance premium rate quotes specific to your area. Once we have collected information about your insurance policy request, it is then forwarded to the insurance carriers that are members of our service. It is from these insurance carriers that we are able to receive policy information and provide you with a secure and safe auto insurance quote.  AgentInsure does not sell, share or license any of your personal information to other people or non-affiliated companies.

Tips to Keep You Safe

While visiting our website, be assured that we are doing everything we can to provide our customers with a safe auto insurance quote. However, the safety of your identity is also in your hands. Because information over the World Wide Web is so easily hacked, online shoppers should take the following steps to protect their information and keep their identity safe.

  1. Create complex passwords. When logging on to ours or any website, be sure that you have created a complex and unique password. By doing so, you will make it more difficult for Internet hackers to guess your password and obtain access to your personal information.
  2. Only use single use credit cards. By loading money onto a single use credit card and using it to make any online transactions, you are protecting your credit account number and making it more difficult for hackers to charge expenditures to your actual credit card.

Verify a secure connection. Before entering personal information into AgentInsure, be sure your web browser has a safe connection. Once you have received your insurance quotes, it is suggested that any further information required by your insurance provider be communicated via telephone or other secure communication method. This will help us to provide a more safe auto insurance quote without jeopardizing your identity.