Home Set for Cold Weather?

Home Set for cold WeatherIf you are planning to set your house once the cold weather starts, then you are too late. Kick start soon so that your house can welcome winter.

  • Roof: Weight of snow and a spot on roof which is fragile enough to handle the weight of snow is next to a disaster. Have a professional visit your home and inspect for any such soft spots on your roof. Also, if any trees hanging or near by the roof, get it trimmed to avoid the fall and its consequences.
  • Heating: On a chilly night you do not want to end up with a furnace not in working condition. A thorough check on your heating system would do better. Clean the heating system often to avoid troubles using it. Check on thermostats is also a must and if required change the filters to make it work better.
  • Fireplace: Best place in your home specially when the winter cold hits hard on you and your family members. But remember, this can be dangerous if not checked and cleaned properly. Keep the chimney cleaned after every use and make sure to not have any inflammable items near to your fire place.
  • Gutters: When slow falls and temperature goes minus, pipes, hoses and even gutters will be a menace. A clogged gutter can cause ice and water to slide into your home eventually into frame work and interior. Cleaning this ice jams can be very expensive and surely a head ache. Hire a professional who can clean the gutters much before the season hits. You can wait for the leaves to wither to avoid cleaning of gutters twice.