Combining Auto Insurance Isn’t Always the Best Alternative for Married Couples

Combining Insurance ?Few people find anything romantic in the idea of combining auto insurance policies, but being able to do so is one of the perks of getting married. Just don’t let anyone accuse you of lacking in the romance department just because you’re as excited about saving money as you are about tying the knot. The amount of money you stand to save when you and your spouse buy auto insurance as a married couple can be significant. Still, there are some scenarios where combining policies could be a bad idea.

One of those scenarios is if your “better half” has a lousy driving record. Forget about your stellar, unblemished driving record. The fact is, if your spouse is paying through the nose for his or her car insurance because of a history of accidents or tickets, combining auto insurance policies is going to adversely impact the amount of money you pay for your own coverage. Insurance companies take the view that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and marrying someone with a hideous record could be putting you in line to pay some hefty premiums.

Nobody’s suggesting that you pick your potential life partners based on their driving records. What we are saying, however, is to think long and hard before you decide to combine car insurance policies with someone who leaves a lot to be desired in the “insurable” category. You might find it’s in both of your best interests to live as one, but keep your car insurance policies completely separate.