Auto Insurance Claims: Items you Need when You Make a Claim

Although no one ever wants to be in an automobile accident, the reason you have auto insurance is so you are protected if it ever happens. Making sure you have the best policy for your situation is also important. If you have a new car, with or without a lien holder, you should make sure you have comprehensive coverage. Even the smallest fender bender could make a mess of your car and you will want to fix your ride as soon as possible.

The first thing needed when making an auto insurance claim is the information about both parties involved. If you were at fault in an accident, you will need not only your own information, but also that of the other party. Make sure you have your insurance policy number available and the make, model and year of the vehicle. Of course before exchanging information, if there are injuries, call 911 and report the accident.

The next item you may need when making an insurance claim is the police report. Often, the insurance company will want official documentation about the accident, the people involved, who was at fault and if there were any witnesses. Usually this is important if the claim is large and there is personal injury involved. If the accident was small and the claim will be less than $500, the insurance company may not require as much information.

If the damage was only to your vehicle, the insurance company will want to send an adjuster to look at the car. You may also need to take the auto and get 2-3 estimates to fix the damage. Insurance companies are not just going to take your word for how much the damage will cost to fix. Depending on the company, they may ask you to see one of their own repair shops.

Finally, although there are many items needed when filing a claim with your auto insurance company, once your vehicle is repaired it will be worth the time and trouble. When working with a great insurance company, you will not need to worry about long delays or bad customer service. When you are comparing quotes for the best plans, take all of this into consideration and find an insurance company that will be there when you need it.

What is Accident Forgiveness and is it Worth it?

Many insurance companies are advertising accident forgiveness, but not everyone knows what that means or if it is worth it. Basically, accident forgiveness is part of your auto insurance policy that will allow you to be involved in an accident for any reason, but it will not raise your premium. Of course, to include this as part of your plan, it will also cost a little more and usually you will need a specific length of time where you have not had any accidents before accident forgiveness will go into effect. So, is it worth it? That depends on your past driving history.

If you are a safe driver and you have never had an accident in the last 20 years, you may not need this type of coverage. Some people live in a very safe location without a lot of traffic, or maybe they only drive their vehicle once or twice a week. In this instance, accident forgiveness may not be worth the extra money. Although, if you live in the city where there are frequent accidents, it may make sense to get this type of protection. Sometimes families will also choose to purchase this type of policy when their teenagers begin driving. Just remember, the policy must be in effect without accidents for a certain number of years before the accident forgiveness will go into effect.

Your situation will determine whether you need accident forgiveness insurance. Once you start searching for quotes on car insurance, you can see how much this type of protection will cost and whether it will be worth it to include it on your policy. Just make sure to compare the rates from several companies for the same amount of coverage. You can find a great policy and an affordable payment when you compare quotes online.

How to Prepare Driving in Bad Weather Before you Hit the Road

As a driver, preparing for bad weather road conditions is one of the most important responsibilities that you have. An amazingly high number of accidents are either caused by bad weather conditions, or may have been partially caused by poor weather. Knowing how to prepare is very important, and this is the main reason that we are publishing these driving in bad weather tips here. We want for you to know how to prepare! Read on to learn our top tips for how you can prepare and stay safe when the weather is poor.

Vehicle Maintenance Is Key!

Having a well maintained vehicle is vital. Regular maintenance may seem obvious, but the fact is that with the hustle and bustle of daily life sometimes things may fall by the wayside. When you have your oil changed, ask the technician for service recommendations. If they see major problems or developing issues, they can let you know so it can be fixed before problems start. This can include both bigger things and smaller ones, like needing new windshield wiper blades. Make sure that you also have all regularly scheduled major servicing for your vehicle. This can include tune ups and brake check ups. When your car is in great shape, you will be far more likely to avoid falling prey to poor weather problems.

Don’t Take Risks

Don’t take risks that are unnecessary: If the National Weather Service and your local news channels are recommending that you don’t drive unless necessary, take that seriously! No matter how good of a driver you are, or how well maintained your vehicle is, bad weather can cause a disaster in an instant. Icy roads, snowy roads, or rain-slicked roads can dramatically raise danger levels. Don’t take risks, it is not worth having an accident!

Before You Leave

Before you leave, make sure that every window is clear and that you can see well in all mirrors. If the windows are still defrosting, do not leave until they are totally defrosted, and never get on the road while it’s raining unless you have the windshield wipers going. When you can see well, you can react faster to potential dangers and you might be able to stop accidents in the making!

Will a Pool Make my Insurance Go Up

Will a Pool Make my Insurance Go UpHomeowners insurance is coverage that will protect not only the structure of your home, but also the contents and even out buildings and other structures. If you already have a pool on your property or if you are thinking about adding a swimming pool – this will probably raise the rate on your insurance.

You may wonder why adding a pool to your backyard would increase your insurance premium. The main reason is that it adds an additional liability to your property. You may also need to add a fence around the pool and other security features to make sure no one is hurt accidentally. Even though the pool is on your property – there is a possiblity that neighborhood children or other invited guests may go into the pool area and get hurt.

Another reason a swimming pool will increase your homeowners insurance is the possiblity that you, your family, or your guest may be injured in the pool. Accidents happen all the time and as the homeowner you will be responsible for the medical payments of someone injured on your property. No matter how careful you are, or how close you watch your children, there is a chance that a tragedy could occur in or around your swimming pool.

If you still want to install the pool – make sure you talk to your insurance provider and find out ways to earn discounts on your premium. Usually, if you install special security measures, your insurance company will reduce the amount you will have to pay on your premium. Another way to save money is to shop around and find a provider with a better rate. You can work with an independent insurance agent who can compare multiple quotes for homeowners insurance and find you a rate you can live with. Before you make any decisions about adding a pool, or purchasing a policy from your current provider, let an agent compare prices and save you money.

Flood and Earthquake Coverage

Flood & Earthquake In case of any loss, the homeowners policy protects you and your family from any damages to your personal property. Different endorsements and the coverages are provided by the home insurance company and these added endorsements meet the individual needs. To rebuild and repair your home this home insurance is needed.

It does not matter whether you are the owner of the house or a tenant, every one needs to have their home insured to protect from any disasters. There are few basic things which you must know before you buy home insurance to protect your living.

Flood Insurance: Catastrophic losses that occur due to floods is the reason why insurance companies are not ready to take up flood insurance. This was the reason to start National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). You cannot buy flood insurance if your local government does not qualify for NFIP. To reduce floods, flood plain management regulations has to be adopted. Many homeowners who stay in the flood prone areas will not be aware that they have to buy this coverage. If you do not live in flood plain area then there is no need for you to buy the flood insurance. The buildings and its contents are covered in the flood insurance.
Earthquake Coverage: In the state of Kentucky, there have been many small earthquakes, though they are not big ones. In Kentucky the risk of serious earthquake is fairly low so the insurance companies sell the earthquake endorsements. Coverages are comparably cheaper here. Higher will be the deductible rates and ranges from 3 to 5 percent of the home’s replacement cost. Frame houses are more safe than brick or masonry houses because these houses are more prone to damages when there is an earthquake. You’ll have to pay more earthquake coverage for brick houses.

The Price of Being at Fault: How Much Will Your Insurance Go Up if You’re In an Accident?

Raises Your Insurance PriceHere’s something you probably don’t ever want to think about. How much will your car insurance increase if you’re involved in an accident? Sure, it’s an unpleasant thought—but it’s something that you have to consider when you compare auto insurance premiums, if for no other reason than to make absolutely certain that you secure the cheapest deal possible. After all, what good are super low vehicle insurance rates if a fender bender will send them suddenly soaring?

The fact is, your car insurance premiums aren’t likely to go super sky high if you’re involved in an accident. But they can increase significantly, and painfully so if you’re already living on a tight budget. To find out what that amount’s going to be, be sure to read the small print on the policy to determine what the insurer’s surcharge schedule is. The average increase is somewhere between 20 and 40 percent if the accident is your fault, but since it’s up to the insurer the amount could end up being much higher or much lower. By performing a thorough comparison of surcharge percentages ahead of time, you could limit your financial exposure in the event of an accident.

But even if you’re able to ensure a low penalty surcharge by reviewing the fine details when you compare auto insurance plans, remember that you’ll very likely lose your good driver discount if you cause an accident. In some cases, those discounts can be pretty deep. Ultimately, the answer to saving money on car insurance is to drive safe and not cause accidents. If you can manage that, you’ll always find yourself in a good position to take advantage of low rates.

Signs You’re Dealing with a Stingy Insurer

Dealing with Stingy InsurerYou might know that you have plenty of resources at your fingertips to help you find fast and easy online quotes for car insurance, but how do you know when you’re overdue to compare auto quotes? That answer’s easy. Any time one of the following scenarios comes to fruition, you know it’s high time to shop around:

• A moving violation or accident has fallen off your record and your rates haven’t dropped.
• You’ve been with your insurer for a few years and are still paying the same introductory premiums.

Moving violations and accidents usually fall off your driving record after 3 years. The reason it’s important to track precisely when these infractions fall off your record is because their presence (as well as their absence) can have a significant impact on the amount of money you pay for auto insurance.

Remember, auto insurers aren’t complacent. They compete for your business—some better than others. A big part of this competition hinges on their ability to give you the most competitive rates around. If your current insurer isn’t on the ball ready to offer you lower rates, it’s time to compare auto quotes and see who is.

Why do Women Pay less on Their Car Insurance?

Women Driving - Affects Insurance RatesWhen all the things are equal for both men and women, car insurance is less expensive to women when compared with men. Women are considered to be safe drivers and it is very much justified. Most of the men think that the women drivers are not that skilled in driving. But they should still accept the fact that car insurance will be less for women, because women are reckless drivers and they are not aggressive like men when they are driving the car. There is lot of data by the car insurance companies to prove and tell that women are safe drivers than men. Women have safety record because they tend to get into lesser accident, hence their car insurance premium will be atleast 10% less for men.

Damages done by women drivers are less when compared to men. It also adds to the fact that women have less traffic violation, that is reason why women pay less insurance premium. How they see men driving record to calculate the insurance premium in the similar fashion women previous driving record is also seen to calculate the insurance premium for women. If there are many tickets and violations in the women record then her premium can be same with the as man of the same type of driving record.

Few Factors Which Affects The Premiums

  • Usually women drive less when compared to men. Their annual mileage is less when compared to men..
  • Bodily injury and property damage committed is less and though they are committed they are committed at less speed.
  • When it comes to license examinations women clear both theory and practicals in the first attempt than men. They follow the traffic rules.

It is not too far that the disparity with the insurance premiums for women and car insurance premiums for men will narrow simultaneously.

Why Your Insurance Company Matters

If you have been faithfully paying your insurance premiums year after year and have never had an accident or filed a claim, you might think that your insurance company is as good as any other insurance company. That may or may not be true. Until you actually need to file a claim and deal with the insurance company, there is little reason to question how good your insurance company really is.

Once you need to file a claim you will find out just why your insurance company matters. The following are some reasons why you should be very selective when choosing the right company for your insurance needs.

Customer Service

Like any business that provides a service, the more accessible they are, the easier it is to contact them when you have a question or a problem. Whether you have a question about your policy or want to talk about increasing your coverage or adding a new policy, having a caring and helpful broker across the desk from you or a friendly voice on the phone makes all the difference in the world.

Handling of Claims

Is there anything worse than filing a claim after having an accident and having to wait three months for your insurance company to issue a check so you can get your car repaired? Everything from how quickly an insurance company handles a claim to how much they award you for the damages to your vehicle indicates just how client-friendly that insurance company might be.

Renewal Time

When it comes time to renew a policy, does your insurance company always bump up the premium by a few dollars? Even if you have never filed a claim, many insurers choose to add a little to their bottom line at your expense. Look for an insurance company that rewards loyalty and a good record by either not raising the premium or actually giving you a little discount.

Bonehead Moves to Avoid When You’re Behind the Wheel, Part 3

Preventive measureThere is such a thing as getting an easy car insurance quote online, but there’s no such thing as guaranteeing a low rate if you’re the type of person who takes unnecessary risks behind the wheel and gets into accidents. And for many who are prone to making some of the bonehead moves listed below, there’s also no such thing as a low auto insurance quote.

  • Talking at the Wheel: There’s a reason that many states are starting to make laws that require you to wear an earpiece if you prefer to spend you driving time catching up on the drama of daily life. Even if it’s still not illegal where you live, however, it’s always responsible to limit your behind the wheel talk time so that you can pay attention to the task at hand.
  • Speeding at the Wheel: If you’re interested in removing yourself from the pool of individuals capable of getting an easy car insurance quote, breaking speed limit laws is a guaranteed way of doing just that. They say that some people were born with a lead foot, but that certainly doesn’t excuse you from attempting to exercise restraint when you’re sharing the road with other law abiding citizens. If your speeding ticket record and accident history is forcing you to pay insurance premiums that you can’t afford to make, don’t complain about corporate greed. Take a look at your driving habits, and change them.
  • Controlling Your Car Stereo at the Wheel: There’s a reason that many people sink money into trunk-located CD changers and MP3-enabled car stereos. Of course, that reason is rarely ever to facilitate a safe driving experience, but there’s nothing that says you can’t look into either one of these if you find yourself spending far too much time looking away from the road and far too much time fiddling with your car CD player while driving.