Avoiding Surprises – How to get a Relatively Accurate Car Insurance Quote

Accurate Quote to Avoid Surprises!Nobody likes surprises, especially when they’re trying to buy auto insurance. One of the most common surprises car insurance shoppers face is the revelation that the premium they were quoted online wasn’t as accurate as it could have been. Bear in mind that whenever you compare auto quotes online, you’re really only getting a ballpark figure.

Having said that, here are a couple of tips to lessen the potential disappointment and shock.

• Provide as much information about your driving history as possible when you compare auto quotes. If you’ve got a lousy record and misrepresent this on the online form, you’re naturally going to skew the numbers in your favor.
• Use more than one website to compare auto quotes. Don’t rely on a single estimate calculator to get an idea of how much it’ll cost you to buy auto insurance.
• Average the estimates. If you visited three sites to compare auto quotes, average out the final dollar amount by adding them up together, then dividing them by three. This will give you a potentially far more accurate estimate than working with a single rate calculator.

To lessen the impact of a potentially depressing surprise – like the moment you hear an insurance agent inform you that the actual cost of coverage will be substantially higher than the price range you were given online – be sure to follow these steps.