How to Get the Best Classic Car Insurance

Get the best car insurance policyWho doesn’t love the sight and sound of a shiny, white 1953 Corvette cruising down the highway? And if the Corvette happens to be yours, you’ll want to make sure you have the best classic car insurance in case your pride and joy is damaged or stolen.

Classic Car Auto Insurance Quote
A quote for auto insurance for a classic car takes different factors into account than a quote for a regular car, and also offers different coverage. Of course, you can always request a quote for auto insurance from a mainstream insurance carrier, but in most cases, the coverage won’t reflect the true value of your classic vehicle. Many experienced classic car collectors advise requesting a quote from a company that specializes in classic car insurance. These companies understand that your classic car’s age actually adds to its value. When you compare auto insurance quotes for a vintage vehicle from a specialized company to one from a mainstream company, you’ll notice that both the premiums and the coverage reflect the value of your vehicle. This is especially important when it comes to repairs and damages, as it’s oftentimes costly to get the specialized work and parts needed for classic cars.

Classic Car Replacement Value
It can be difficult to determine the replacement value of your classic car, especially as some rare models cannot be replaced at all. That said, when you request a quote for auto insurance, you can estimate the value, or if necessary contact an insurance agent to help you. As one of the most trusted names in insurance comparison, AgentInsure can help you get the best classic car insurance today!