Winter Driving – Poses Challenges

Be a safe driver in winterYou can never predict what nature acts like, specially in winter. With quite a number of accidents occurring on wet roads or rainy weather, it is important for the car drivers to be alert and look upon their driving habits in these winter months. With fluctuating weather, from thunderstorms to snow or to heavy rains. With mother nature behaving so erratically, ensure safety while driving and be prepared for the worst.

It’s Winter – Be Safe on Roads

When winter is nearing and you can feel the snow coming down, this is an important time to brace up and prepare for driving on snow. Do follow the below tips for a safe journey:

  • With winter comes bad roads and hence bad driving conditions, prepare your vehicle for it.
  • While driving faster you can easily lose control of your car specially on icy roads. Normally you need to maintain good distance between your and another car ahead of you. You need to slow down and have a smooth driving.
  • Clear visibility is a must. Before you start off, make sure you have cleared the snow off your car to let others see your vehicle and you to have clean vision of roads. Keep a broom large enough to push off the snow. Ensure defroster, defogger and heater are in good working conditions. These will avoid steamy windows.

Vehicle Safety – In Winter

You living in suburbs or city, driving in winter needs that extra precautions for safety of vehicle.

  • Tires when worn, slip easily. This will skid your vehicles, hence ensure tires with tread to avoid sliding and good traction while braking.
  • Make sure to have full tank or at-least more than half of gas filled tank. If got strangled or stuck in between, your engine heat comes as a rescue. Keep the window open when you in car with running engine.
  • Thorough check of your vehicle’s tire pressure, atleast once in a month. Always have a spare and jack in your car before you set out for driving. Keep the tires cool before the check of pressure.
  • Always check for an update on weather and then step out of the house for a drive. Do not take chances with varying conditions of nature.
  • Emergencies can occur anytime, be prepared for it. Carry a warm blanket, flashlight, first aid kit and extra batteries always when driving.