Finding the Best Homeowners Insurance Companies

Opt for The Right Insurance CompanyIf you’ve ever spent weeks chasing down quotes from various homeowners insurance companies in order to find home insurance that’s right for you, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. It’s difficult enough determining how much and what types of coverage you need without having to worry about whether the homeowners insurance companies you’re considering are reliable. Fortunately, nowadays there’s an easier way to find house insurance quickly.

Get Quotes Online

AgentInsure is one of the nation’s leading comparison sites, and can help you find the right homeowners insurance for your needs. Because AgentInsure only works with the best homeowners insurance companies out there, you don’t ever have to worry about whether you’ll get good service or whether your claims will be paid out in time. You don’t have to check your insurer’s reputation because AgentInsure’s already done the work for you!

The AgentInsure Difference

While there are numerous insurance comparison websites out there, only a select few, like AgentInsure, can claim to truly offer great rates, dependable policies and top-notch service. These websites work with homeowners insurance companies that have a proven track record of satisfied customers with well-handled claims, which is why you can rely on the selection of quotes you receive to contain at least one that will work for you. Simply go to the website and fill out all necessary information in the online form, and within minutes you’ll receive up to five free quotes, depending on how many you request. You can compare the quotes at your leisure and once you’ve made your choice, you can follow the link in the quote to purchase your policy immediately.

Compare Quotes Before Renewing Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Choose The Best Home Owners PolicyDoes your current homeowners insurance policy provide you with all the coverage, as well as the quality service you deserve? If you’ve answered “no” to this question, it’s time to make an insurance rate comparison to see where you can get better coverage and service for a similar or lower price. What follows are some pointers on what to consider when making an insurance rate comparison for your homeowners insurance policy.

  • Are the coverage limits high enough? Especially for those who own homes that are worth over $300,000, it’s essential that your property is insured for an adequate amount. That means that the coverage should be enough to cover realistic repair and replacement costs of your home. If you’re not sure whether this is the case, ask a realtor and an independent contractor what kind of sum you’d be looking at and compare their answers to your insurance coverage.
  • Does the homeowners insurance policy provide realistic coverage? You should always make sure that you’re covered for realistic events. For example, if you live along the East Coast, chances are you’ll face severe wind damages at least once in your life. If you live in California, you need coverage for earthquakes and wildfires. Some of these will be included in your policy, but you’ll most likely need to purchase other coverage types such as flood insurance separately. Add the total costs up before deciding whether a quote offers a good rate or not.
  • Is the insurance company trustworthy? Obviously, the larger insurance companies are well-known for a reason and know how to handle claims efficiently. But smaller, unknown companies may offer great rates too. Check their reputations with the Better Business Bureau before committing to any policy with an insurer you don’t know.


When Should You Compare Home Insurance Quotes?

Insure Your Home With Right InsuranceIn recent years, consumers have become increasingly more aware of the fact that they can save hundreds of dollars if they compare home insurance quotes before purchasing a policy. However, many people don’t know under which circumstances they should request quotes in order to see if they can save cash or get better coverage. So when should you compare home insurance quotes?

  • When you buy a new home. Whether you’re a first time buyer or about to purchase your third home, you should always compare home insurance quotes to see which insurance company offers the best deal.
  • When the term of your current policy is almost up. Nearly every home insurance policy runs on a 12-month term basis. If you terminate your policy before the term is up in order to purchase a policy with another insurance company, you’ll have to pay an early termination fee that can be as much as a few hundred dollars. In order to avoid this, the best time to compare home insurance quotes is three months before your current policy ends. That gives you a month to request and review quotes from other insurers, and 60 days to end your current policy before it renews automatically.
  • When you experience a change of family structure. Marriage, divorce, or a child moving out all have an impact on the amount of risk an insurer takes by insuring your home and everybody residing there. Always contact your current insurance company to find out how a change in your family structure will affect your premiums. Get the new rates, and then go to a trustworthy comparison website such as AgentInsure to compare home insurance quotes and see if you can get a better deal!


When it Comes to Quotes for Auto Insurance, Honesty is the Best Policy

Get Right QuotesIf you’ve ever driven past a car lot while it’s closed and have spied the occasional lone figure roaming between cars checking price tags, you’re probably witnessing the lengths to which some people will go in order to avoid a sales pitch. That same sentiment bleeds over into those who’d rather seek out quotes for auto insurance online than anywhere else. Simply put, it’s the best place to go to compare auto insurance rates without being forced to endure the salesmanship that comes with talking to an agent face to face or by phone.

But are online quotes for auto insurance accurate? Truth be told, they’re only as accurate as you let them be. If you’re looking to compare auto insurance rates and want absolutely zero uncertainty about the validity of the quote you’re given, all you have to do is do what your parents taught you to do: tell the truth.

Being straightforward and honest about your driving record won’t hurt your chances of getting insurance coverage, but lying about it can cause delays, not to mention a much higher rate than the initial online quote. If the comparison engine asks you if you’ve had any accidents or tickets, fess up. If you fudge the numbers on the initial pass, you’ll probably get a lower quote. But your driving record is always double checked before any firm offers are made.

There are plenty of methods of lowering your car insurance, but being less than forthcoming about the facts is not one of those ways.

Getting Homeowners Quotes: the First Step towards Peace of Mind

Get Peace of MindPeople who’ve been through a life-changing event know that when it comes to peace of mind, getting homeowners quotes is the first step. For example, if you’ve survived a tornado but lost your home, you’ll be grateful for your homeowners insurance policy that’s going to allow you to rebuild your home. Or if you and your partner have recently had twins, it suddenly becomes clear that taking steps to protect your family, your home and your possessions is even more important than you ever thought. Getting homeowners insurance quotes starts the process of attaining peace of mind.

You can request free homeowners quotes online and have them tailor made to your personal situation. Of course, you want to insure your home for the full replacement value in case of a disaster, and you’ll also want to review exactly what types of damages are covered. Take your time to really read through each quote, and if you have any questions or concerns, contact the insurance agent listed on the quote. Remember, being underinsured is never enough when disaster strikes, so it’s imperative that you understand all of the terms and conditions before you purchase a homeowners policy. Make sure you get the best possible coverage for your situation, and remember, peace of mind is priceless, and so is a good insurance policy when you need it!

Compare Auto Quotes Before You Buy a New Car

Compare Quotes BeforeThough it might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you’re in the market for a new car, if you take the time to compare auto quotes before you purchase, you’ll have a better idea of how much you’ll be spending on car insurance each month. There’s a huge difference in rates for different vehicles and it can be helpful to be aware of this before you commit to buying a car that will cost you too much to insure. For example, if you have a family, you might be considering buying an SUV – but they cost a lot to insure. Depending on where you live, a compact car or a sedan might get you a better deal in the long run.

Comparing insurance rates online
The quickest and easiest way to compare auto quotes is online. All you’ll need is your personal information such as contact details, age, profession, marital status, and driving record, and the make, model and year of the car you’re thinking of buying. Go to a trustworthy insurance comparison site like AgentInsure and fill out the online form. You’ll instantly get a number of free quotes in your mailbox that you can compare at your leisure. If you’re still deciding between two different cars, knowing what kind of a deal you can get on insurance can help you make a smart decision so you can enjoy your new car even more!

Four Tips for Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes

Compare Car Insurance Quotes Using TipsComparing auto insurance quotes can be confusing and even overwhelming – especially if you have never bought car insurance before and want the best coverage possible. What follows are four easy to follow tips for comparing auto insurance quotes.

  1. Look at the amounts of each of the premiums on the insurance quotes to make sure they are reasonable. Most drivers prefer to pay their premiums every month, but it’s also possible to pay your annual premium in one payment and save cash.
  2. For each type of coverage offered under the policies, check to see the deductible amount. In the event of a claim, you always have to pay the deductible first before the coverage kicks in, so you want to make sure it’s something you can afford.
  3. Read each quote carefully to see if they provide the type of coverage you want. For example, if you want protection in the event of an accident, but also just for random damages due to falling objects, you’ll need liability, collision and comprehensive coverage.
  4. Do the quotes offer the amount of coverage you want? Different policies offer different coverage amounts, and you need to buy insurance that offers you what you feel to be an adequate sum in the event of any claims or accidents. If you have a family or other dependents, make sure your coverage protects your family in the event that you’re injured and unable to provide for them.

FAQs About Car Insurance Quotes

Get Free Quotes for Your Car InsuranceMany drivers who need auto insurance for the first time have questions about car insurance quotes. Especially if you’re requesting car insurance online quotes, you might want to know what to expect before filling out all of your information. What follows are three of the most frequently asked questions about car insurance quotes.

What information will I need to fill out?
You’ll need your address, email address and phone number, as well as the make and model of your car, how many miles you drive each year, and the title of the car. You’ll also need to give your age and occupation, as well as those of every driver in your household. Last, you’ll need the details of any incidents such as violations, accidents and claims in the past five years.

Does my spouse’s driving record affect my insurance premium?
Yes, the driving record of every licensed driver in your household who is named on your policy is included in calculating your policy’s rates. If your spouse has a very poor driving record, you might want to consider excluding him or her from the policy and each have separate policies for your own cars.

Are car insurance quotes binding?
No, they aren’t. Quotes are an estimate, but neither you nor the insurance company are legally bound to any agreement until you have actually purchased a policy and signed a contract.

Compare Home Insurance Quotes with these Three Tips in Mind

Secure Your HomeIf you own a home, it’s important to compare home insurance quotes to make sure you get sufficient coverage for both the home itself and its contents. Without adequate coverage, you could be looking at thousands of dollars of repair or replacement costs in the event of a burglary, fire or flood. What follows are three tips to bear in mind when comparing homeowners insurance quotes for the possessions inside your home.

  1. Before you compare home insurance quotes, make a proper assessment of the value of your possessions. Usually, homeowners policies insure the contents of your home at a percentage of your home’s value – but this doesn’t always reflect an accurate value. To avoid being underinsured or paying premiums that are too high, make a list of your possessions and write down realistic replacement costs.
  2. If you own special collections, art or antiques, have them appraised by a certified appraiser. Make sure to keep all paperwork pertaining to your collections, as well as the appraisal certificate, and read the fine print about collections when you compare home insurance quotes. In some cases, you may have to purchase separate insurance for valuables in order to cover them for the replacement value.
  3. Always read homeowners insurance quotes carefully to find out what’s covered, so you’re not in for a nasty surprise in the event that you have to file a claim. Most homeowners policies cover damages due to burglary, fire, and windstorm, but not damages caused by lack of maintenance to the home, floods or named storms.


FAQs About Online Car Insurance Quotes

About Online Car Insurance QuotesGetting car insurance quotes online is one of the easiest ways of comparing and buying car insurance. No matter where you are, so long as you have an Internet connection with your computer, laptop or smart phone, you can go to an online comparison site and request a free quote. What follows are five frequently asked questions about requesting car insurance quotes and buying insurance online.

  1. Does my car insurance policy have to be in the same name as my car loan? Yes, it does. Lenders require that the person responsible for the loan provide adequate insurance for the vehicle.
  2. I’m learning to drive with a learner’s permit. Do I still need insurance? Yes, you do. All vehicles on the road are required by law to be properly insured, which means that even if you don’t have your driver’s license, your name should still be on the car’s insurance policy.
  3. Do I need underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage? This depends on your state’s minimum coverage requirements and your own comfort level. Underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage can be invaluable if you’re involved in an accident with a driver who isn’t insured.
  4. Can I transfer my policy when I buy a new car? Yes, all insurance carriers will be happy to transfer your policy to your new car, though you’ll probably pay higher rates for a newer car.
  5. Are online quotes legally binding? No, they aren’t. If you like a quote, you can take the next step in buying car insurance, which is to fill out and sign the actual paperwork.