Romance on the Road: How Combining Auto Insurance Policies can be a Romantic Move

Discounts on Romance!!A lot of people take a dim view of things like prenuptial agreements because they think it saps the romance out of a marriage. It makes sense—a marriage is supposed to be a romantic union, not a business proposition. But who said that you can’t have both romance and thrift? Consider this: combining auto insurance policies as soon as you’re married can be an incredibly romantic and financially sound move. And if you doubt what we’re saying, here are just a few examples of how doing so could amp up your love life.

• Combining auto insurance saves you so much money that you can afford to buy your significant other flowers on a whim without worrying the debit transaction will bounce. Bonus!

• You can funnel the money you would have been paying into individual policies into a vacation fund. Trips to the Caribbean aren’t that expensive, you know.

• Take those monthly savings and splurge on a romantic dinner for two. After all, everyone knows that a meal that pays for itself tastes far better than one you’re going into debt to pay for.

You’re probably thinking “Great ideas, but can combining auto insurance really save me that much money?” Heck yes, it can. To find out how auto insurance rates compare for single people as opposed to married couples, you don’t have to make any appointments to visit an agent or wait on hold for hours on end. Just punch your information into an online auto insurance price comparison engine and compare the digits. You might be surprised at what you find.