Caring for Your Collectible Valuables

Value Those Precious ItemsProper insurance coverage offers financial reimbursement in the event of loss or damage to a collection. Both the valuables and insuring them are equally important if you want to prevent them from theft or damage. Whether you have an expansive collection of vintage stamps or autographed baseballs, homeowners insurance may not provide adequate coverage, making an additional plan necessary. If you’re improperly covered and your collection is lost or damaged, an insurance claim may return only a partial value of your original investment. Despite an accurate assessment value, guarding your valuables against damage is your responsibility.

Know Your Collection

Proper care and storage for your collectibles is integral to their safety and their continued appreciation in value. Considering their value, valuables will be insured under your renters or home insurance policy. Most homeowner insurance coverages are limited to certain items such as coins, jewelry, collectibles, furs and furs. In case you have insurable of high-value in your home, then you would need a good-thought about management risk strategy.

Items like antique baseball cards may be valued based on their condition. As such, their care may require additional steps, such as protection from UV rays. Other collections like model trains may require frequent cleaning, lubrication and service. In the most extreme cases, your collection may be valued so high that its care is beyond your expertise.

Know Your Damage Risks

Here are the guidelines to know that you have enough coverage:

  1. Have an inventory of your valuables, including ,art, jewelry and other items, like an baseball autographed.
  2. Get an appraisal for more valuable items. Be ready to contact a specialist to get estimated value of all special items.
  3. Specialized floaters or policies are useable for the coverage of valuable items at an dollar amount as scheduled on the policy.
  4. Find out the additional services what your insurer would offer. If they can help you in the preservation and conservation of your valuable property, It can be in a “no loss’ state if these bundle of services come together in a cost-effective manner

What is covered by flood insurance?

Know Why You Need ?Across the country we have had major changes in our weather system causing an unprecedented amount of devastation caused by flooding. If you do not have flood insurance, you may want to compare Texas insurance companies flood policies. Over the years the weather has caught people off guard and without proper insurance coverage. While different parts of the country require owners to buy flood insurance, many times it is optional.

Many need some type of Texas homeowner insurance with flood coverage. Natural disasters and accidents should be covered under the following list. However, consult your Texas insurance agent for policy changes they have the right to make under the law.

Texas Insurance Personal Property usually covered from flooding:

  • Portable window units
  • Microwaves & Dishwasher
  • Hanging Curtains
  • Clothing

Texas Insurance Building Coverage usually covered from flooding:

  • Structure / Flooring
  • Utility Systems: Electric / Plumbing / Central HVAC / System fixtures
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Floor covering
  • Wall covering, & Walls
  • Fixed bookcases and cabinets
  • Blinds/Curtains
  • Removal of Debris
  • Laundry appliances
  • Freezers and contents

Texas insurance lower level usually covered from flooding:

  • Anchorage systems
  • Electrical connections, outlets and switches
  • Central AC
  • Basement Nonflammable insulation
  • Fuel tanks such as gas, solar, and well water
  • Furnace units, HW heaters, Pumps, Sump pumps

If you live near a river, a lake, or creek, consider what the weather has done in the last few years and consider flood coverage and compare insurance quotes. If you are in a registered flood zone, it is a no-brainer. If your living space is at a high elevation, your basement or crawl space may not be and you will need extra flood insurance. Regular homeowner insurance will not cover any flood damage. Your Texas insurance agent can provide you a quote if they cover flooding.

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