Do I Need Car Insurance with Trailer Coverage?

Trailer Coverage as an add-onWhen we buy car insurance, most of us don’t think about trailer coverage. But when you need a trailer to transport your jet skis to the beach, or simply to move furniture across town, you need to know whether your insurance policy covers your trailer in the event of damages.

Ask When You Buy Car Insurance
If you regularly tow a trailer, either for work or pleasure, you should find out about trailer coverage when you buy car insurance. Ask your car insurance agent whether your trailer is included in your liability coverage, and if it’s not, ask how to get trailer coverage. Insurance carriers that don’t offer trailer coverage in a regular policy may offer it as an add-on, though this might drive up your insurance rates. You’re best advised to compare quotes from a number of carriers to find out which offers the best deal on trailer coverage before you buy car insurance. And remember, for the best coverage, you’ll need more than just liability insurance. Make sure you buy car insurance that offers comprehensive so you’re covered in the event that your trailer is damaged or stolen.

Trailer Coverage for Rentals
If you don’t own a trailer, but rent one every now and then, check your policy when you buy car insurance to see if trailers are covered. Even if they aren’t, most reputable rental companies will give you the option of getting temporary coverage. Either way, make sure you’re sufficiently insured before you tow any trailer off the lot.