The Facts on Cell Phone Auto Accident Dangers

Now more than ever, people are relying on their cell phones and smart phone devices for everything. Not only can you talk on the phone, you can text, play games and even use them as GPS devices so you do not get lost. Unfortunately, even though they are useful for so many things, they can be dangerous when you use them improperly. For instance, when you are driving, it is horribly dangerous to use your cell phone. Learn more about the dangers of using your cell phone while you are driving, and why you should make certain you do not engage in this risky behavior.

First, the facts (as reported by Nationwide auto insurance):

  • The top issue that causes driver inattention is operating a mobile device.
  • Drivers who use their cell phones in the car are more likely by up to four times to cause an injury-causing accident.
  • Drivers that operate a car while distracted are cited as a problem around one fourth of crashes.
  • Operating a car while using a mobile phone will reduce the brain activity involved in driving by over one third.

Once you understand these facts, it makes it clear that driving while you use a cell phone or smartphone is not a wise decision. In fact, many states have enacted laws that make texting, checking email and other particular activities illegal.

If you need to use your phone while you are driving, it is recommended that you pull over and take care of business, so that you do not risk your own life and those of others. This is important even when you are trying to do something like using a GPS device through a smart phone.

There are some ways that you can more safely operate your phone while driving. The use of a Bluetooth device will allow you to talk on the phone during your commute without using your hands. These hands-free devices are a great way to have more productivity during your drives without risking your safety.

As you can see, driving while using a phone is not a wise decision. Make sure you spend some time learning the laws in your particular area so that you do not risk breaking the law or your own safety. Make a pledge to not use the phone while you are driving, and you are making a real difference in the world.

Why More States Cracking Down on Cell Phone use While Driving

Cell phone use is at an all-time high in the U.S., with an estimate 91 percent of all Americans using a cellular device. Although cell phones have certainly made communication easier, they have proven to be distractions to motorists on the roads. In fact, cell phones have become such a problem, that several states are cracking down on cell phone use while driving — limiting use, or even banning it altogether.

Reasons Why More States are Implementing Cell Phone Laws

Nearly one in five accidents are caused by distractions, and according to researchers at the University of Utah, drivers are equally as impaired as drunk drivers when using a handheld device. Unfortunately, many of those drivers are responsible for roadway accidents that cause traffic fatalities. More than 3,000 people are killed every year in the U.S. due to distracted drivers. State by state, more and more laws are being passed to prevent these deaths from occurring.

All types of cell phone use are proven to be distracting, although some types are worse than others. Texting while driving for example, is by far the most dangerous, increasing the chances of collision 23 times. Similarly, talking while holding a cellular device is worse than using a hands-free device, although both are considered dangerous.

Laws by State

Cell phone laws are different in every state. As of July 2012, there are still no states that implement a complete ban on cell phone use while driving, although 10 states ban all use of hand-held devices. States seem to take text messaging more seriously, however, as 39 states prevent drivers from sending or receiving text messages while driving. Still, other states only place restrictions on certain types of drivers, such as school bus drivers or motorists under the age of 20.

Do You Qualify for a Multi-Car Discount and Not Even Know It?

Obtain Multi Car DiscountGetting fast and accurate quotes for auto insurance isn’t tough. In fact, comparing insurance has never been easier. While in the old days you had to comparison shop by phone or in person, these days all you have to do is get online and within minutes you’ll have a quote. But sometimes, doing your homework ahead of time pays off.

For example, before agreeing to any auto insurance terms, it’s critical to first find out if you qualify for a multi-car insurance policy. What is a multi-car insurance policy? It’s exactly what it sounds like: a car insurance policy issued to households with more than one car. But does that only count if each car has a different driver? And do the others in your policy have to be family? The answer to both is: no.

You can qualify for a multi-car insurance policy if:

• You personally own more than one car and want them all insured.
• You share a home with other people and you want to go in together on a car insurance policy to save money. The others sharing your home don’t have to be family—as long as you share an address, you’ll qualify for the discount.

Be sure to inquire about the multi-car insurance policy when you get online quotes for auto insurance. You might be surprised by the amount of money you can save.

Smart Phones to Keep The Drive Safe

Smart Technology for Smart DriversWith the use of cell phones and many phone applications, technology is getting bad name when it comes to driving. Lot of distractions will be there while driving because people use their cell phones while driving. Now technology is looking to improve upon safe driving and bring awareness of what is happening on the road.  Many of the companies which are working on technology  and auto manufacturers are exploring the possibilities of car accidents, repairs and  measures for safe driving.

People who use smart phones and are familiar in making good use of the applications can use phone’s camera to point at their business. Along with the business information the phone also shows price points, consumer ratings and other information related to business.

Smart Technology for Smart Drivers!

According to application’s website, the driver can attach the smart phones inside the car so that the camera guides about how the road is further. The display on your phone will be exactly same as how it looks outside the window. It will also display the graphics generated by the computer which show were the lanes are and how much distance is the driver away from hitting the car ahead and in what speed the driver is driving his car. Different color codes are given to measure the distance from one vehicle to another vehicle ahead of you. If the driver is too close to another car,  the color changes from green to yellow to red displaying the distance. If the driver is in danger, very close to clash the car in front of him, an alarming sound is produced from the application. Drivers receive audio warning as well as visual warning.

This application promises the users to reduce the accidents and car insurance claims. This technology is  trying to intimate the driver different kinds of danger he may face while driving. For example: to intimate the driver that an animal is crossing over your car or running  in front of your car  at a distance. Also a detailed report about the foggy, cloudy or any other weather conditions. With the help of right engineering to road safety the enhanced technology would become standard for the upcoming models.

Classic Thoughts About Cell Phone and Driving

Cell phones are dangerous while drivingThe cell phone statistics of car accident shows that text messaging while driving is the most serious activity related to cell phone. In other words, they believed it is unsafe to hold the cell phone in hand will driving. A major part of car accidents have been set apart to cell phone related distraction. It is believe that most crashes involving teen drivers are due alcohol but at same time even the cell phones are one of the primary causes of most teen crashes in the major part of the accidents.

Cell Phone Driving – Not Safe

Loss of Substantial control– It is observed that many drivers try and use only one hand on the steering wheel but it is important to use both the hands on the steering wheel during an emergency, as it is not safe to driver using a single hand. When the drivers keep talking on the cell phones and driving with one hand at the same time, they operate to hang onto the phone instead they drop it for additional vehicle control.

Peripheral driving vision to be taken away by cell phones- When driving a vehicle the peripheral vision is constantly used even without your notice. It is just more of a subconscious thing that happens which you will be using it most of the time. Holding a phone onto my ear, hand, my arm, and even the cell phone itself is limiting the peripheral vision. The movement of neck restrictions will be caused by the physical act of holding the phone.

Drop age of Phone – When it comes to driving and cell phones, people come through some trouble in dangling on to the phone! Whether it is fumbling to answer the ringing cell phone, cell phones get dropped much often in cars or striking the huge pothole. Instinctively, the driver will go down to grab the phone and crash into a bus. The forceful prospect of holding a phone while driving is the beginning and the biggest reason as to why our driving becomes impaired.

Distracted Driving Pays High on Premium

Distracted - Pay High PremiumAccording to a survey conducted by American Automobile Association, it is found that 41.5% of crashes occur due to “Driver Attention Status” and 8.6 % because of “Unknown Distraction” amongst all the incidents related to distraction.

The practice of texting while driving has been viewed as hazardous. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) labels eating, smoking, drinking, reaching for object in car, adjusting environmental control, cell phone use and adjusting radio as major distractions which happen while driving a car. It is proved that cell phone drivers exhibited greater impairment than intoxicated drivers. Drivers using cell phone while driving were found to drive, apply brakes slowly than other drivers and hence a crash.

Texting While Steering

Reaction time slows by approximately thirty percent when a driver texts while driving. This is primarily due to the fact that the driver has to divert his or her attention back and forth between the tasks of texting and driving and has to take extra time to re-focus his or her attention on the road ahead.
Survey showed that drivers who text while driving tend to decrease the speed while also experiencing delayed reaction times, which is almost certainly a recipe for disaster. Following too closely and hitting the brakes too slowly are two behaviors that constitute negligent driving.

Grooming While Driving

Needless to say, the act of grooming or primping while driving is one that causes more than its fair share of accidents on the roadways, especially in high-traffic areas where people tend to perform a good chunk of their morning shaving while in the vehicle on the way to work or school.

On any given day in a heavy- or medium-traffic area, one is likely to see a multitude of derivatives of this behavior. It is not at all uncommon to see another driver putting on makeup, tweezing his or her eyebrows, styling his or her hair, generally checking his or her appearance etc.
The issue with all of these forms of activity is that when a driver is focused on his or her assorted bodily locations, that driver is not completely focused on the road ahead, forming a major cause of an accident.

Calling Over The Phone

This activity takes the biggest share of accident cause. Once the driver indulges in the conversation , he naturally looses the concentration on the road. The response time increases to apply brakes or identify any road signals.

Eating or Working While on Wheels

Many people consider traffic signal stops or pedestrian crossings as leisure periods to do their personal work. Eating or working over their office laptops while driving again distracts the road concentration and leads to accidents.

Accidents caused as your fault leads to issual of tickets. As the number of tickets increases, the premium rates on insurance also goes high.

How Do I Shop For The Best Deal For Insurance In Texas?

Pull The Right CartThere are several resources Texas residents can use to shop for the best deals for home and/or automobile insurance. These include calling agencies on the phone, visiting different agencies, or doing online insurance.

Here are two tips to shop for the best Texas insurance deals:

You give yourself plenty of time.

If you’re doing your shopping online, you may want to set aside an hour or so to visit different websites and provide the information needed to give you a home or auto insurance quote. Once the information starts coming in, you may want to designate another time period to study it all at once, rather than clicking on each e-mail reply as it comes.

If you feel rushed, you may make mistakes when entering information for quotes, and you’re not as likely to make the best decision on which homeowners or auto insurance policy to choose. If you schedule the time to fill out the quote requests and study the replies, you’re less likely to make errors that could mean getting incorrect information or paying too much money.


You gather all your information first, before you even start searching or calling.

For homeowners insurance, this can include where you live, the type of police and fire protection you have, how old your home is and what it is built of. For auto insurance, this can include the makes and models of vehicles to be insured—it’s not a bad idea to jot down the VIN either, and information on all drivers (age, sex, marital status, age at time first licensed, number of accidents/violations, etc.).

Cancelling Your Monthly Car Insurance

Think !!!An auto insurance policy isn’t like a cell phone plan. Just because you’re on a monthly car insurance payment schedule that automatically renews itself doesn’t mean that you have to wait to switch providers. You can walk away at any time. But if you fail to first notify your insurer, you could cause a few unwanted complications.

Give Notice
You can let your auto insurance policy cancel on its own simply by not making your scheduled monthly car insurance payments, but doing so has a couple of risks involved. First of all, you could get hit with a cancelation penalty if you cancel in the middle of your term without giving proper notice. Second, if you don’t already have coverage lined up through another provider, letting your insurance lapse could be costly. If you’re caught driving without it, you could face some serious legal consequences. And finding a new insurer after you’ve been caught driving without insurance will be much more difficult because you’ll be a high risk client.

The Best Way to Walk Away
Always submit your notice of cancelation in writing, and far enough in advance to cover you in the event of any clerical snafus. Regardless of whether or not your decision to switch insurance companies was based on having found a better price elsewhere, or being extremely dissatisfied with the service you’ve received, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by failing to give advance notice. Although the best time to cancel your insurance policy is immediately before it renews, you can always get a pro-rated adjustment that pays you back for coverage you won’t be using.

Save Time Shopping for Car Insurance

Save Time with AgentInsureSearching for auto insurance can be very time consuming and frustrating. Because of the frustration, people often settle and go with the first company they call because it takes so long.

When you are trying to compare insurance quotes you might find only a few companies in your local yellow pages. This doesn’t mean you are limited to only these companies. It only means that these are the only companies paying to advertise in your yellow pages.

If it were 10 years ago, the yellow pages might have been your one-stop source for finding insurance. Times have changed, and the Internet is an infinitely larger phone book than the one sitting next to your phone. The solution: AgentInsure is your one source that can give you rates from multiple carriers. Unbiased rates. No strings.

Comparing quotes is essential in finding the best price for a policy. Because it is the law that you carry auto insurance, you want the best price. Even if you rarely leave your home and have a perfect driving record you still must have policy. When you compare the different coverage options through different companies online you can verify you are getting the lowest rate available to you.

Calling insurance companies for quotes can be extremely frustrating and you almost need to set aside several hours of your time. You might be required to wait on hold for long periods of time in order to be transferred to the right department and you must give your information over and over to each company you call. When you go online with AgentInsure to obtain quotes for your car you will find that you save a lot of time. This is because you can have quotes from handfuls of companies within minutes. In addition, you will only be required to type in your information one time to get quotes from many different companies.

When you get auto insurance quotes from AgentInsure, the time saving factor is a big benefit. Don’t spend hours on the phone with different companies and don’t limit yourself to only one carrier. When you shop through AgentInsure you will have access to different carriers that can provide coverage to you and you will save hours of time. In addition, you can get the best price possible for your auto coverage. Looking online could save you hundreds of dollars on your policy and get the exact same coverage you are getting now.