Insurance for Your Vacant Home

Insurance  for your vacant HomeVacant homes are considered by the insurance company only under certain situations. Owner of vacant house resides in different state and when the house is found to be vacant for six months or even more longer, your insurance company will agree on hiring a property management firm professional to take care of your vacant house.

If the owner of the house had to move out of the state on job or due to some personal issues, he will leave behind his house vacant for one year or can be even more. As per American Association, the owner will qualify in having a care taker for his/her home, in both situations. Home insurance policies for vacant houses does not require to hire a person always from the property management firm. Even a relative or a friend of the owner, who is reliable will be considered. A friend has to visit the vacant house atleast 3 times in a month or even more. He has to check for electrical, plumbing or roofing condition and ensure everything is working fine.

However, if the relative or friend fails to do his duties and some hazard occurs or if he fails to visit the vacant house, then your home insurance would not accept any claims made by you. Any claims made to cover the perils or accidents will be labeled as “Negligence” and leads to denial of your claims. Hence, before considering any relative or friend, think over. A benefit of a care taker appointed by the property management firm is that, if any incident occurs, the claims made will be processed with out any difficulty.

Expensive Car – Are You The Proud Owner?

Measures to AVoid Car TheftYou might own a fancy car and be a proud owner of it. You might also have owned a car insurance policy in order to secure your priced possession. But, have you taken the precautionary measures to avoid car theft in Texas. Whether you live in urban or higher crime areas, it has an impact on your risk of being a victim of auto theft. Though car theft is covered by the optional “comprehensive” coverage on your auto insurance policy, why be an easy prey?

Statistics say: Every 26.4 seconds a car is stolen in the United States. National Insurance Crime Bureau, reports that 1,192,809 vehicles were stolen. More than 700,000 vehicles are stolen and have not been found. They are assumed to be exported, tricked by owners as stolen, or ripped apart for resale in shops. Texas stands in second position amongst the top 10 states ranked by number of auto thefts.  Only 12.6 percent of thefts were cleared and the thief were arrested.

Stolen Vehicles

Vehicles are stolen for many reasons. Few are stolen and parts are stripped for resale. Other vehicles are stolen and sold by the crooks to another dealer. Vehicles are also stolen for robbery, joyriding, for committing many other offences, to support smuggling of drugs, drug habits, or to commit insurance fraud. Frequently stolen vehicles in Texas are Ford Pickup, GM Pickup, Dodge Pickup, Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Chevrolet pickup trucks and many more.

Precautionary Measures

In addition to having an auto insurance there are many other things you can do in order to avoid theft and protect your asset. These safety measures will not only shield your vehicle but also gain discounts on your car insurance policy.

  • Install safety devices such as alarms, window etching, brake locks, steering column collars etc.
  • Do not park your vehicle in dim lit areas and leave the key in the ignition.
  • Check if all the doors and windows are properly closed.
  • Use of tracking devices that warn you and emit signals to help the cops in tracing the vehicle.
  • Use of immobilizers such as kill switchers, starter, fuel disablers, smart keys,  ignition disablers and fuse cut offs.

Classic Dream Car – Are You The Proud Owner ?

Be a pround owner with insuranceOwning a classic car is every Ohioan’s dream. Classic car is the one which is truly 15 years old and even more. Many Ohioans have a hobby of collecting classic and antique cars. If you have desired to drive a classic car, then do remember that it will require more money for it’s services such as repair, paint, wax jobs, inspections, engine work etc. Cars such as 1967 Pontiac GTO, 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle, 1969 Dogde Coronet, 1966 Oldsmobile, 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner etc are few amongst the top classic cars of U.S in high demand and sold readily. It is very important to own a car insurance policy. Those who are the proud owners of classic car will also need a car insurance. For classic cars, insurance is much different than any other regularly driven everyday car.

Insuring Classic Car

Classic car needs specialty insurance. Being a proud owner of a classic car, do not make a mistake by not insuring it. If any damage occurs, you might end up paying for it and that will surely be quite expensive to bear. Take that necessary steps to get your classic car insured before anything wrong happens to it. A guarantee that you will be very glad for doing it. Many aspects have to be considered before you insure your classic car. Age of the car is undoubtedly a factor but also owning a old car does not make it a classic always. It is always better to talk to your insurance company and call an expert in dealing with classic cars in order to get the right knowledge about it. Do not settle for any of the first response which reaches you, shop for as many as possible and talk to different insurance companies to obtain the best.

Special Insurance Rules

Owning a special insurance for classic car has often limits placed on it’s usage. Some insurance policies restrict on miles driven but some say to park t in garage all the times. Be honest with your insurance company and make them clear about your intentions of owning a classic car. If you have plans to exhibit your car on auto shows under special events, ensure that it reaches your insurance agent. Lesser the miles driven, lesser will be your insurance rates. Set an accurate value to the car and shelter the classic car in order to get its value fixed. Insuring your classic dream car is that step needed to take a good care of it. Insurance company wants to protect your car as much as you do.