Compare Auto and Home Insurance Online to Shut the Door on Scams

No Door for Scam!Consumers who compare auto and home insurance online not only get multiple quotes from major insurance carriers, they also effectively avoid the risk of being duped by door-to-door scams. It’s the oldest trick in the book: salespeople who come to your door and try to convince you that with their insurance quotes, home, auto and life insurance policies are affordable and offer all the coverage you could ever need. But after you’ve bought a policy from a shady dealer like this, more often than not, you’ll face an exorbitant rate hike after the first month, or worse: when you file a claim, it turns out the company doesn’t exist at all!

Safety First when You Compare Auto and Home Insurance Online
If you’re shopping for auto and home insurance, avoid the scammers by comparing policies online. It’s both easy and convenient to request free quotes through a reputable comparison website such as AgentInsure, and you’re never locked into any quote until you sign the paperwork with the insurance company of your choice. In addition, an industry leader like AgentInsure takes stringent precautions to treat your information with care and protect it from unauthorized parties. So how can you compare auto and home insurance online? It’s simple: just go to AgentInsure and fill out the online forms. You’ll instantly receive a number of quotes from major insurance carriers, which you can review at your convenience. AgentInsure also provides you with the contact details of a licensed insurance agent in your area in case you have any questions or prefer purchasing your policy from a real person. Why wait? Protect yourself and your property from scammers and request your free quotes from AgentInsure today!

FAQs About Online Car Insurance Quotes

About Online Car Insurance QuotesGetting car insurance quotes online is one of the easiest ways of comparing and buying car insurance. No matter where you are, so long as you have an Internet connection with your computer, laptop or smart phone, you can go to an online comparison site and request a free quote. What follows are five frequently asked questions about requesting car insurance quotes and buying insurance online.

  1. Does my car insurance policy have to be in the same name as my car loan? Yes, it does. Lenders require that the person responsible for the loan provide adequate insurance for the vehicle.
  2. I’m learning to drive with a learner’s permit. Do I still need insurance? Yes, you do. All vehicles on the road are required by law to be properly insured, which means that even if you don’t have your driver’s license, your name should still be on the car’s insurance policy.
  3. Do I need underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage? This depends on your state’s minimum coverage requirements and your own comfort level. Underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage can be invaluable if you’re involved in an accident with a driver who isn’t insured.
  4. Can I transfer my policy when I buy a new car? Yes, all insurance carriers will be happy to transfer your policy to your new car, though you’ll probably pay higher rates for a newer car.
  5. Are online quotes legally binding? No, they aren’t. If you like a quote, you can take the next step in buying car insurance, which is to fill out and sign the actual paperwork.


Myths vs. Truths of Comparing Auto Insurance Online

Compare Insurance OnlineComparing auto insurance online is the fastest and most efficient way of finding a quote on auto insurance that works for you. However, there are some misconceptions circulating about quotes from online comparison sites, so what follows is a list of myths and truths of comparing auto insurance online.

An online quote on auto insurance is binding. This is a myth. A quote is never binding. An online quote is merely a price indication, however accurate it may be, that insurance carriers provide as a courtesy to potential customers. However, when you buy an insurance policy and sign the agreement, you enter into a legally binding contract that is valid until it expires or is terminated by one of the parties.

A comparison site provides me with quotes from every insurance carrier. Again, this is a myth. Though many good comparison sites offer a comprehensive selection of carriers, there are numerous other insurance carriers out there. It’s always best to select a trustworthy comparison site like AgentInsure that offers quotes from some of the most reputable companies.

Online quotes are instantaneous. This is true. Comparison sites offer you immediate quotes and send them to your email account so you can review them at your leisure.

There’s no agent involved with comparing auto insurance online. This is true. However, reputable sites give you the option of contacting a licensed insurance agent in your area to discuss your insurance needs.

Comparison sites always offer the cheapest rates. Though many comparison sites offer great deals, it’s not a hard fact that they always offer the cheapest rates. Insurance carriers may have occasional specials that are lower, though most of these extremely low rates only apply for a period of six or twelve months, after which they increase substantially.

Are Online Car Insurance Quotes Reliable?

Make sure to follow the tipsIf you’ve never shopped for auto insurance online, you may be wondering, “Are online car insurance quotes reliable?” Of course, it’s a valid question if you’re getting a free insurance quote online, as you don’t have any human interaction with an insurance agent. To make sure you get your free insurance quote online from a reliable site, read the following three tips:

  1. Make sure the site advertises well-known insurance carriers. A comparison website that features the names and logos of well-known, national insurance carriers, is most likely reliable. However, if you only see the names of companies you’ve never heard of, it’s better not to request a quote from that site.
  2. Never give out information you’re not comfortable with. Usually, when you request a free insurance quote online, you’ll have to provide some personal details, such as your name, date of birth, address, and some information about your car. If you don’t feel comfortable about this, don’t proceed with the free insurance quote online. Call an insurance agent instead.
  3. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you’ve received a free insurance quote online from an unknown company and it seems to good to be true, it probably is. You don’t want to buy a policy, only to receive a letter from the carrier within a month or two charging you hundreds of dollars because they made a mistake. If you don’t trust it, move on to a nationally trusted comparison site like AgentInsure. With AgentInsure, you get reliable quotes from the best car insurance companies in the United States.


The Accuracy of Online Car Insurance Quotes

Complete honesty and transparencyIf you’re old enough to remember the days before the internet, where comparing auto insurance rates would often require an in-person visit to an insurer, you might have good reason to question the validity of websites that offer free quotes—as well as the accuracy of the quotes themselves.

As it turns out, more often than not it’s “user error” that leads to inaccuracies in free online insurance quotes. Remember, auto insurance websites and online comparison tools don’t just ask you what kind of car you drive and whether or not you consider yourself a good driver—there’s a lot more that goes into the bottom price determination. And if you’re unprepared in any way, you shouldn’t be surprised if there’s a big price difference when it comes time to sign your policy.

Your driving record plays a big part in the quotes you’ll get when comparing auto insurance online. If you conveniently forget to mention a major infraction, the quote amount will change drastically once the insurance company investigates your driving record. Your credit score also plays heavily into the kind of rate you’ll get, so knowing where you stand with the credit bureaus is also key to getting an accurate online quote.

The bottom line: if you’re going to shop for insurance online and you want a firm quote, be prepared for complete honesty and transparency.

Getting an Online Car Insurance Quote Fast

Check for the tipsIf you need to renew your car insurance and don’t have the necessary time to talk to several different insurers, it’s still possible to find the right price. If time is of the essence, visiting local auto insurers and talking to reps in person may no longer be an option. If that’s the case, consider getting an online car insurance quote.

There are numerous websites that’ll give you fast car insurance quotes, but their methods aren’t always compatible. Here are a few tips to get a quick online car insurance quote.

  • Use websites that aren’t affiliated with car insurance companies. This way, you’ll not only be given access to accurate pricing information through comparison tools, but these websites may have public forums where you can read what the insurance company’s customers are saying about them.
  • If you visit the website of an established car insurance company, don’t bother using their services unless they have a similar comparison tool that’ll let you see how their prices stack up against the competition.
  • In order to speed things up, have all of your information ready. This not only includes your vehicle’s VIN number and mileage, but also the dates of any tickets or accidents you’ve had in the past. Have this handy will prevent you from having to start all over again once you gather the necessary information.


Quickest and Most Convenient: Online Car Insurance Quotes

Online Car Insurance Quotes

When you’re in the market for car insurance, the quickest and most convenient way to compare insurance rates is by requesting a number of online car insurance quotes and putting them side-by-side. Car insurance estimates can vary significantly depending on which insurance carrier you choose. Obviously, factors such as the amount of coverage you require and your driving record influences car insurance estimates as well, but the truth of the matter is that your specific insurance carrier determines your insurance rate.

How to Request an Online Car Insurance Quote
Requesting an online car insurance quote is simple and easy: go to the insurance carrier’s website and fill out the form. In most cases, you’ll receive your online car insurance quote immediately. However, this is just one quote, and if you really want your money’s worth, you’re best advised to shop around. Of course, you can go to a number of different car insurance carrier’s websites and request online quotes, but you can make it much easier by using online insurance comparison shopping.

The AgentInsure Difference
To get instant accurate online car insurance quotes, go to AgentInsure. AgentInsure not only provides you with the most accurate quotes, but also allows you to compare the different quotes in a clear and comprehensive overview. All you have to do is see which car insurance company offers you the best coverage at the most affordable rate. AgentInsure can put you in contact with a certified insurance agent in your area who can answer all your questions about your online car insurance quotes and help you make an informed decision.

Getting Classic Car Insurance Quotes Online

Find Classic Car Insurance Quotes at AgentInsureAlthough insurance policies for classic cars are slightly different from that of regular vehicles, shopping for classic car insurance quotes can be done online exactly the same as you would for any other vehicle. With AgentInsure, you are just a few clicks away from finding the car insurance policy that gives you the amount of coverage you want at the price you want it.

About Classic Car Insurance

Classic car insurance is different from regular car insurance. Regular cars depreciate every year, but antique or classic cars not only hold their value but also increase in value each year. Drivers seeking classic car insurance quotes should consider looking for insurance agencies that will cover the full or “agreed value” of your classic car. This means that if your car is totaled in an accident or stolen, you will receive a check for the full appreciated value of your vehicle. Finding an insurance agency that will provide that kind of coverage can be challenging. Make it simple by shopping for your classic car insurance at AgentInsure.

Before looking for classic car insurance quotes online, hire an appraiser to determine the full value of your classic car. Be sure to provide any receipts and restoration paperwork you may have acquired showing the costs of labor and parts. This will help the insurance company give you a quote that will reflect the true value of your classic car. It is important to get quotes from multiple sources in order to make accurate comparisons and select a policy that suits your needs. AgentInsure makes that fast and simple by providing multiple classic car insurance quotes all at one time.