Hurricanes – Do Not Be Driven

Hurricanes - Are You Protected?Hurricanes, there are no other storms like them on earth. Hurricanes spiraling tropical storms which are giant with sustained winds of at least 75 mph. They form over a quick ocean waters normally starting as storms in the west coast of Africa and Caribbean. Hurricanes are tropical storms which are known as cyclones in Bay of Bengal and northern Indian Ocean, and in western Pacific Ocean as typhoons. As they move slowly westward, these are fueled by the quick waters of the tropics. The warm,moist air drift towards the center of the storm and spirals upward as they releases torrential rains. Hurricanes are tremendous heat engines that can generate energy on an amazing scale. They draw heat from moist ocean, warm, air and release the water vapor through condensation in thunderstorms.

Hurricanes – Preparation for Car

  • Gas up – This must be done even before the storm strikes at you. When its the time to evacuate no one wants to wait for along time or standing in rain for the tank to fill. Check for oil, water, tires, spare tires, etc before you evacuate and there are chances where u might get caught in traffic.
  • Shelter – Leave the garage as the space for the car and other loose items.
  • Pack – Try to sell the car as early as possible to a reasonable price, if you need to evacuate.
  • Paperwork – Always maintain and take the necessary documentation that u might need on your trip or to claim on your car.

Hurricanes – Preparation for Home

  • Carry ready cash- In the case of emergency when power goes off, the banks will not be opened and the ATM machines may not be working.
  • Utilities- If a huge storm on the way and evacuating with, water, gas and shut down the power. Try to switch off everything in a hurry.
  • Lights, Radio, batteries– Power is expected to go out at any point of time, so always carry a battery powered flashlights, radio,and plenty of batteries. Always carry the necessary tools together in case of any damage to your home.
  • Insurance – Check with your home insurance company for different coverages and deductibles. Do not wait until a hurricane is almost on it’s way then you will not be able to get any coverage.
  • Photographs – It is safe to have a photograph of all your high valuables – VCR, TV, computer, collectibles ,jewelry. And also get a picture of your car.