Surfing for Cheap Car Insurance

Find The Cheap Policy OnlineThough every driver wants to spend as little as possible on insuring his car, nobody wants cheap car insurance when it comes at the expense of their coverage. Of course, the amount of coverage you need besides the mandatory bodily injury liability is very much a personal choice and depends on the car you drive, your annual mileage, your location, and the number of dependents you have. Fortunately, even if you need extensive coverage, the internet offers a great way to find cheap insurance.

Find Cheap Car Insurance at Comparison Sites
Since the first comparison sites appeared on the internet a couple of years ago, comparing auto insurance has never been easier. These sites make comparing sites easy by allowing you to fill out information about yourself and your car, and then generating a number of tailor-made quotes from a variety of insurance carriers. Once you’ve received your quotes, you’ll immediately be able to see the differences in price and coverage. This allows you to select the quote that offers you all the insurance you need at a rate you can afford… and it’s often much more affordable than what you were paying before!

The AgentInsure Difference
AgentInsure is one of the most reputable insurance comparison sites and helps thousands of consumers find cheap car insurance every week. Besides providing you with real-time car insurance quotes, AgentInsure also gives you the contact details of one or more licensed insurance agents close to you so you can discuss all of your insurance needs in person, if you prefer. Why wait? Go to AgentInsure today to get cheap car insurance quotes!

How to Get Easy Car Insurance Quotes

Get Easy QuotesEasy car insurance quotes can help you get the best rates on auto insurance when you buy a new car. Nobody wants to be on the road without adequate coverage, and in nearly every state, it’s illegal to drive without the state minimum auto insurance. That’s where easy car insurance quotes can help protect you from the moment you sign the sales agreement.

Get easy car insurance quotes before you drive your car off the lot
Whether you use your laptop, handheld or smart phone, all you need is Internet access to get instant quotes on auto insurance. Simply go to an online insurance comparison website like AgentInsure and fill out the online form. You’ll be asked to give your contact details, age, profession and the make, model, annual mileage and year of your car. You’ll also be asked to give the names of other drivers in your household, and to list any incidents such as claims, accidents or citations you’ve had in the past five years. If your car has safety features such as airbags, anti-lock brakes or an anti-theft device, be sure to list those too as they can result in further rate reductions, depending on the type of coverage you’re looking for. You’ll immediately receive a number of free easy car insurance quotes you can review before deciding which policy and rates are right for you!

How to Find Cheap Auto Insurance with Maximum Coverage

Avail Maximum CoverageEvery driver wants cheap auto insurance – but nobody wants to sacrifice the amount of coverage they get simply for low rates. And whereas drivers used to have to call each insurance company separately to find out how much they’d be paying for a policy, nowadays there’s nothing easier and faster than looking for cheap auto insurance by using free insurance quotes online.

Online comparison sites offer cheap auto insurance
At trustworthy comparison websites like AgentInsure, one of the nation’s leaders in online insurance comparison sites, drivers can fill out a request for a number of free quotes, which they recieve within a matter of minutes. But efficiency and speed isn’t the only reason to look for cheap auto insurance online; many of the insurance companies that offer free insurance quotes online also offer significant discounts only through online comparison websites, which means that you won’t find those rates anywhere else! And though online comparison sites don’t guarantee they’ll get you the lowest rates, often you will find a better rate there than you’d get even if you’re a long-term customer at an insurance company. Most of the discounted rates are only offered for a limited period of time, but iit’s always smart to check if there are any super-low rates that allow you to get maximum coverage for the lowest possible rates. Why wait? Go to Agentinsure today to request your free insurance quotes online!

Questions To Ask A Texas Insurance Agent

Ask Your AgentInsurance is something everybody needs but nobody wants to use. Insurance protects us from both life’s unexpected problems and occurrences as well as events that we can foresee. If you were to sit down and pick the brain of a Texas insurance agent, these are some of the questions you might ask.

Why Do I Need Homeowners Insurance?

You need homeowners insurance to protect against substantial loss of your personal or real property and also to cover any claims that might be filed by someone that is injured while on your property. Damage or destruction from fire, flood or other causes can run into the tens of thousands and most people do not have the means to self-insure against that possibility. If you have a mortgage, the lender will insist that you have adequate coverage to protect their interests in the property.

Why Do I Need Automobile Insurance?

If you live in Texas and want to drive a vehicle, the law requires you to buy insurance. Insurance is required by every driver to protect other drivers and passenger in the event that you were the cause of an accident with injuries or property damage.

Is Life Insurance Really Necessary?

It depends on your personal situation. If you are single and do not have a family or any dependents, you probably do not need life insurance. The purpose of life insurance is not to protect the insured, but rather the named beneficiaries of the policy. If you have a wife and maybe a few young children, you would want to provide for them financially in the event of your demise.

How much Life Insurance Do I Need?

There is no set formula, but generally speaking, you should have about 10 times your annual income. If you make $50,000 per year, you should buy a half million dollar life insurance policy.


Speeding Tickets and Your Insurance Premiums

Affects Your Premium RatesNobody wants to pay high car insurance premiums, but it’s something you rarely ever think about until you’re faced with a dilemma—like in the moments immediately following the receipt of a speeding ticket. Moving violations are one of several car insurance factors that can identify you as a risk in the eyes of insurers and can result in a significant increase in your premiums. But does one minor speeding ticket necessarily mean you’ll need to take on a second job to pay your monthly insurance tab?

That Sinking Feeling
Anyone who’s ever been pulled over for driving too fast knows the sinking feeling that arrives as soon as you pull back out into traffic. Forget fines—most people’s thoughts immediately go to the question: what’s this going to do to my car insurance rates? As it turns out, it might not affect you at all.

Some Good News
The good news is that a speeding ticket isn’t a guarantee that you’ll end up having to pay more for your car insurance premiums. Although there are plenty of factors that play into how tickets impact your insurance, the basic rule of thumb is that a single minor speeding ticket won’t affect you at all. You won’t be affected until you prove yourself to be a repeat offender, or get pulled over for doing more than 20 mph over the limit. There are some things you can do to limit the negative impact, like voluntarily taking a day-long driver’s ed course, but if you’re someone with a perpetual lead foot, you’d better start saving your pennies.

How to Lower the Cost of Teenage Auto Insurance, Part 1

Lower the Cost of Teenage Auto InsuranceIt’s every parent’s worst nightmare: insuring a teenage driver. Most people fret over the potential financial impacts long before their children have even exited the diaper stage, and rightfully so. The cost of teenage auto insurance can be outlandish. Nobody’s blaming the insurance companies—statistics drive the rates. But you’re not entirely helpless, either. There are some things you can do to lower the astronomical rates you’ll be asked to pay, if not dramatically then at least incrementally.

Everyone knows that a passing grade in their DMV driver’s test is a prerequisite of obtaining their license in the first place. If it weren’t, there would be a lot less frayed nerves at the dreaded “moment of truth,” and a lot more bad drivers on the road. But did you also know that maintaining high grades in the classroom can impact your teenage auto insurance premiums?

Auto insurers offer discounts to “good students” that range from 10 to 25 percent. This may not sound like much, but when you consider being able to save almost ¼ of the high cost of insuring a teenage driver, you begin to see dollar signs in your field of vision.

Most insurance companies consider a B average to be the dividing line between “good” performance and “substandard”—and although achieving high grades doesn’t automatically make someone a good driver, insurance companies consider kids who are able to balance their school life with their social life to be far lower risks.

Tip: Talk to your insurance company about good student discounts. Then have a serious talk to your teenager about what you’ll be expecting of them if they want to keep their driver’s license.