Fearful Natural Phenomenon – Earthquake

Do Not Be A VictimYou may sit back and peacefully enjoy with your family till a sudden and violent shaking of ground called earthquake, a tremor occurs. Perhaps, earthquake is one the most fearful natural phenomenon. It is unpredictable and occurs without any notice. Earthquake may occur due to many reasons such as explosions of high atomic bomb or nuclear power, high flow tides, heavy traffic in city streets, tumbling of streams over high falls etc. Many scientists have failed to predict when an earthquake occurs.

Earthquake in Ohio

Since the Revolutionary War, Ohio has a record of atleast 120 earthquakes which resulted in heavy damage and major injuries. So far, there have been six earthquakes in Ohio in 2010. The largest recorded earthquake with 5.5 magnitude in Ohio, shook the entire Anna city in the midnight. The area around Anna has been the epicenter for more than 40 quakes. Even Ohio’s two nuclear power plants are not free from the risk of quakes. The Geological Survey of Ohio has recorded earthquakes which had 4.5 magnitude or even more. Though many earthquakes occurred, no one were severely injured or killed. The state of Ohio’s designs it’s seismic network to identify high risk zones and communicate the same information to its residents after an earthquake.

Ohio Earthquake Insurance

If you are looking for a comprehensive home owners insurance or purely an earthquake insurance policy, obtaining an earthquake insurance quote in Ohio much before any other policy is a must. If your location is very much prone to earthquake then do not delay in choosing a policy which provides you financial support when disaster strikes. Not all homeowners insurance policy will pay when their homes are damaged by earthquake.

Do remember if you are opting for ‘all perils’ coverage, make sure you check with your agent if it covers earthquake. Generally ‘all perils’ coverage does not cover earthquake, it differs from one company to another. There are such few instances where a home owner with a requirement for mortgage needs to have an earthquake insurance. If you are residing in earthquake zone areas and looking for that peace of mind to be protected financially in the event of any damage then insurance is definitely a good purchase.

Fortifying Your Home Against Disaster can Lower Your Premiums

Preventing DisasterNatural disasters are one of the primary reasons that people carry homeowners insurance. But as a direct result of the high cost of living, many people opt to reduce their amount of coverage in order to make ends meet, never realizing the consequences of underinsurance until the unthinkable happens. Experts frequently remind us to compare homeowners insurance to secure the best possible deals, but there are additional steps you can take to both decrease your premiums and better protect yourself from disasters.

Fortifying your home is one of the most effective methods of achieving this. Just as installing a security system will lower your premiums because you’ve just decreased the likelihood of anyone breaking into your home and stealing everything you own, making home improvements that make it more disaster resistant can also yield some insurance premium savings. Reinforcing your roof and installing storm shutters in your home are just a couple of examples of how you can accomplish this, but be sure to talk to your insurance agent to determine what upgrades will bring you the biggest dicounts.

Remember to price out coverage at least once a year by getting homeowner insurance quotes from various providers. Doing this, in addition to making modifications that will strengthen your home against natural disasters, will go far in ensuring the lowest possible insurance premiums for the highest amount of insurance coverage.

April – Cruelty At its Worst

April - Disastral MonthNatural Disasters are unforeseen. It occurs when city sleeps to awaken them. Across the globe, there are many incidents occurring with the blink of an eye. There is more severe “cognitive anxiety” that most individuals experience when faced with an unexpected physical treat.

As per the collective report, April has found to be a month of grief, a deep malady. Countless number of powerful and destructive storms have left homes devastated and destroyed property all over the country. It is even a crucial month for insurers. In April, five catastrophes at different localities caused widespread damage due to wind, tornadoes and hail in many of high operating states.

Facts You Should Know

Nationwide said, about 10,400 claims have been received so far from 12 state regions starting from Ohio to Texas. It was followed by a deadly storm last week that destroyed many homes and killed as many as 342 in eight states. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration compiles a report to show that there were 312 tornadoes, resulting in a record of 226 just in one day’s storms. Over all insurance companies, on an estimate have said that last month there were 1,059 claims from homeowners, 120 car insurance claims and 176 claims for commercial property insurance. Also a report showed a loss of $9.1 million in April from Ohio and five other surrounding states.

A third survey is conducted by The Ohio Insurance Institute, since February. It’s last survey was covered on April 19-20, where a dozen tornadoes washed away the peaceful state.

Insurance for Rescue

Weather data has been provided to every state and its insurance companies to be prepared for the worst of its disasters. Even the predictable can go unpredicted.

With weather playing Peekaboo, throughout the nation, insurers are sustaining heavy losses while some are playing safe. Looking at the facts and figures of natural calamities, owning an insurance and securing your life becomes so vital. Residing in Ohio where weather is non cynical, shield with lifeguard.