Put Down That Phone While Driving

Put Down That Phone While DrivingWith numerous things around to distract a driver, ignoring a call, voice mail or even text is leading in causing a car accident. As per the survey conducted by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration , 20% of the car accidents occurred are mainly due to distracted driving which involved cell phone. Even hands free is failing to prevent crashes. Talking on phone while driving delays your reaction time similar to driving with blood alcohol level of 0.08%.

We have states bringing stringent rules to avoid cellphone use but still the number of accidents continues to grow. This is resulting in growth of many other cell phone applications to prevent drivers from taking calls or texting while driving. More the number of accidents eventually mean higher car insurance premium. Below are some mobile applications to avoid hazards:

  • iZup: This is designed for companies employing drivers. Once the car starts, this gets activated. It bars outgoing calls and incoming calls, emails and text messages will be held.
  • Drive Safe: This application disables calling, texting and emailing capabilities of your phone on reaching certain speed. This is benefiting the parents in controlling their teens on usage of mobile phones. Their access to mails, other social networking sites, texting, calling and more can be timed. However, it does not stop incoming and emergency calls from 911.
  • Drive Smart: This automatically disables calls and texts on your mobile phone on reaching a speed of 10mph. A complete termination to distraction. Used basically by T-mobile users.

There will be certain situations where you will have to use the mobile phone while driving. In such instance pull over, get off the road and start again only after you are done with the talking. You can also install any of the above applications to avoid the distraction. Make sure that you do not text or email while driving. These actions require both hands and eyes to be involved which is supposed to be on roads.

Regular Check on Tires Keeps Your Journey Safe

Regular Check on Tires Keeps Your Journey SafeAs per the estimation made by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 350 deaths occur due to accidents resulted by tire failure. Much before there is a tread separation or blow out of tire, get it checked on regular basis to avoid such disasters.

Inflation of Tire

You are spending a lot on fuel, this can also be prevented by regular tire checks. Ensure proper inflation of tires which gets you good gas mileage and avoids wear and tear of tire. It is just the matter of few minutes and a check on tire pressure is done. If you are not sure about the inflation rate, it is displayed at every car shop and will also be mentioned in the user manual when you buy a car. Do not go with the number displayed on the tire as that is the maximum pressure a tire can withstand and not the required pressure for the tire to withstand your vehicle weight and size.

Remember, the best time to measure the tire pressure is when the tires are cold. You can use a gauge meant to check tire pressure available at any auto shop. In order to measure, you have to unscrew the valve cap, place gauge on the valve stem and obtain the reading by just one press. Try taking the reading when you have not driven anywhere yet. In case of low pressure, inflate it. If high, then depress the stem pin and let the air go. It is important to drive under right pressure. Excess gives you a rough drive and under inflated causes wear and tear and of course loss of fuel.

New Tires

Tires can serve the best when looked upon and cared regularly. Buy the best tire which suits every weather condition. Specially when you are living in a location which experiences drastic weather changes, it is good to opt for the best of tires be it little expensive.

Preventing Accidents at a Parking Lot

Preventing Accidents at a Parking LotAccidents occur frequently at parking lots of malls, market area, grocery stores and office, mainly due to congested parking. Certainly, there are few ways in which you can reduce the risk of being a part of such incidents and have a quick and easy claim process, if had one.

Being Aware

Main reason for accidents to happen is purely distraction of the driver. It is always advisable to switch off your mobile phones or not answer any call or reply to text, turn radio off and turn on navigation system before car makes a move. Take a little moment and look around, if needed again and again to make sure everything is clear for you to pull your car out. As per the survey made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, unfortunately most of the accidents which have occurred involves children below 6 years of age and elderly persons above 65-70.

Little Measures and Aftermath

A little walk can avoid congestion. Every driver tends to stop their vehicle close by stores to avoid walking for long distance. But remember, by parking a little far from crowded area you can avoid accidents. Signal the vehicles or pedestrians behind and turn headlights on in dim parking areas to prevent fender-benders.

If any accident or collision occurs then ensure to file a police report, be it a minor accident and call 911 in case of any emergency. Do collect the details of the other person involved in the accident, their address, contact number, name and car insurance provider. Make a note of time, date, location, parking lot condition when any accident occurs. Also, if possible collect any witness name, phone number, take pictures or make a video as proof in order to make claim process easy.

Give Room for Bicyclists

Give Room for BicyclistsA worst crash which ever happened between a car and a bicyclist occurred in U.S, since then both are at odds. When any car collides with the bicycle, the consequences of it is always worst for the bicycle rider. As per the records of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 750 cyclists were killed in road accidents and nearly 50,000 were injured badly in the year 2008. The accident rate was high majorly in urban areas usually in day time by evening. Sadly, most of the accidents occurred killed a child between age group of 10 to 15 years.

Safety Measures

Looking at the rate at which bicyclists accident was happening, Wisconsin state government rolled out few rules and regulations in order to avoid such incidents.

  • Maintain a distance of 3 foot between you and the bicyclist. Give them clearance.
  • When you take turns while driving, give yield to bicyclists the way you give it to a car.
  • Be very careful specially when driving by neighbor hoods or near by schools. Pave way for kids.
  • When moving your car from parking lot or while opening car doors, look behind for cyclists.
  • When you are driving behind a bicycle, slow down while taking turns at any intersection. Do not try to over take them. This might lead to a collision.

Measures to be Taken by Cyclists

  • Even the cyclists have to follow the same traffic rules as any vehicles. Ride in the same lane, check for signals, yield in a right way for other vehicles or bicycles and follow the traffic accordingly.
  • While cycling at night or in dark, wear reflectors or headlights. Ensure the headlights are clearly visible till certain distance for other vehicles nearing you.
  • Ride with a helmet.
  • Do always signal before you take turns.

Accidents and Injuries with A Static Car

Accidents and Injuries with Static CarMany records and data collected states that collisions and accidents occur even when the car’s engine is turned off. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports, few car related accidents does not have to really involve a moving car. A twisted metal, dented bumper or inflation of air bags are certain effects of a car crash. These in reality can also strike an immovable vehicle and damage it’s parts.

Common Accidents Incurred

  1. Commonly reported car related incident is injury caused when closing door. You can hurt you fingers,arm or hand while closing the car door. Nearly 150,000 incidents have been reported every year which makes it obvious to crave for our attention.
  2. Another injury reported is due to over exertion, usually caused when people are pushing an immovable vehicle or unloading vehicles. This can result in minor injuries like small cuts and bruises. Injuries can be less harmful or more.
  3. This might sound funny, but more than 84,000 injuries are sustained by people while getting in or out of their vehicle. They might fall or collide with any object or person on immediately stepping out of the vehicle causing an accident.
  4. More than10,000 were injured while using jack or any kind of hoist trying to meddle with car break down.

Most of the car related accidents can be easily prevented. Close to 50% of victims who incur stationary car related accidents are children between the age of 2 and 5. A little awareness and a simple care in doing even the simplest thing can avoid such instances. Do not hurry up and try to save those minutes, take that necessary time needed to deal with your vehicle. Most of the insurance companies do not cover the incidents caused by a static car. Check with your agent before you commit to an insurance company.

Consequences of Car Accident – Calm is The Word

To Face The ConsequencesMost of the car accidents occurring everyday in Ohio are fatal. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports 1,238 crashes which were labeled as fatal on roads of Ohio. 1,277 and more deaths occurred due to car accidents all across the Ohio state, out of which 54% were passengers in vehicles, other 23% were driven by light moving trucks or heavy vehicles. Ohio is ranked fourth worst in the nation for having the most deer related auto accidents.
Ohio state paid out more than $11 billion for the injuries and damages. Driving under intoxication seemed to be certainly a major problem in many drivers nearly 4 out of 10 or even more auto accidents occurred. Speed being an another factor of all the fatalities nearly 20 percent, costing around $1 million for the state.

Ohio’s Minimum Requirements and Rules

As every state, Ohio requires all its citizens who drive a car to carry a car insurance policy with minimum liability coverage. State mandates a minimum of $25,000 to cover all persons personal injury involved in the car accident, it is subject to limit of $12,500 for any individual and for property damage a limit of $7,500. Ohio rule says, if the driver is responsible for 50% and even more for an accident then that driver is not liable to recover for the damages from the other driver. Else, the victim will receive compensation as per their portion of responsibility.

After The Crash

Never loose your calm. Check for injuries and call the ambulance immediately when in doubt. If the accident is minor then move cars to safe place to avoid traffic. Turn on vehicle’s hazard lights to intimate other drivers, you can also use warning triangles, cones or flares. Do call the cops, no matter the accident is minor or major. Make sure not to leave the accident spot until the police files a complete report.

Do remember to collect details such as names, their correct address and contact numbers of the driver and other members involved in the car accident. Also get the description of car, license plate number, car insurance company and vehicle identification number of the other party car. Call your insurance agent immediately along with the cop. Sometimes the officer filing a report can give better and accurate information than you to your car insurance company. This will surely save your time later when waiting for your claim process to happen quicker. Nevertheless, car insurance is a savior.

Distracted Driving Pays High on Premium

Distracted - Pay High PremiumAccording to a survey conducted by American Automobile Association, it is found that 41.5% of crashes occur due to “Driver Attention Status” and 8.6 % because of “Unknown Distraction” amongst all the incidents related to distraction.

The practice of texting while driving has been viewed as hazardous. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) labels eating, smoking, drinking, reaching for object in car, adjusting environmental control, cell phone use and adjusting radio as major distractions which happen while driving a car. It is proved that cell phone drivers exhibited greater impairment than intoxicated drivers. Drivers using cell phone while driving were found to drive, apply brakes slowly than other drivers and hence a crash.

Texting While Steering

Reaction time slows by approximately thirty percent when a driver texts while driving. This is primarily due to the fact that the driver has to divert his or her attention back and forth between the tasks of texting and driving and has to take extra time to re-focus his or her attention on the road ahead.
Survey showed that drivers who text while driving tend to decrease the speed while also experiencing delayed reaction times, which is almost certainly a recipe for disaster. Following too closely and hitting the brakes too slowly are two behaviors that constitute negligent driving.

Grooming While Driving

Needless to say, the act of grooming or primping while driving is one that causes more than its fair share of accidents on the roadways, especially in high-traffic areas where people tend to perform a good chunk of their morning shaving while in the vehicle on the way to work or school.

On any given day in a heavy- or medium-traffic area, one is likely to see a multitude of derivatives of this behavior. It is not at all uncommon to see another driver putting on makeup, tweezing his or her eyebrows, styling his or her hair, generally checking his or her appearance etc.
The issue with all of these forms of activity is that when a driver is focused on his or her assorted bodily locations, that driver is not completely focused on the road ahead, forming a major cause of an accident.

Calling Over The Phone

This activity takes the biggest share of accident cause. Once the driver indulges in the conversation , he naturally looses the concentration on the road. The response time increases to apply brakes or identify any road signals.

Eating or Working While on Wheels

Many people consider traffic signal stops or pedestrian crossings as leisure periods to do their personal work. Eating or working over their office laptops while driving again distracts the road concentration and leads to accidents.

Accidents caused as your fault leads to issual of tickets. As the number of tickets increases, the premium rates on insurance also goes high.