Something is Bothering Your Car

Something is bothering your CarYour doctor would advice you not to ignore minor symptoms related to health. Similarly, do not ignore even the minor sounds or smell from your vehicle. It can simply mean, it needs a mechanic. Below are some signs you might not want to ignore. A precaution can avoid accidents or break down of your vehicle.

Grumbling Sounds

Some one can be so addicted to listening to music while driving. It’s good to turn off the music once in a while and listen to your car. If you can hear any sound then your car is trying to tell you something. Sounds like ticking, clunking and louder clicks are warning signals. Clunk sound indicates a bad shock absorber. Ticking when the car is on rest indicates need for oil change. Loud clicks signals problem with CV joints. When ignored, the damage could be expensive to be repaired.

Other sounds like grinding, squealing and squeaking are mostly related to brakes and can be easily recognized. Worn out brake pads usually throw squealing noises, asking the owner for a replacement. Sometimes the squeaks can also be due to the dust, water, sand or other factors of environment. Grinding noise indicates improper functioning of brakes. However, louder grinding noise can be signs of major issues which needs a quick check.

Smells – Trust Your Nose

Strange smells such as something burning and fuel smell cannot be ignored. Burning smell could have caused flames. Stop and see if any flames are visible. If not, call a mechanic if the smell continues. Fuel smell can occur when there is a leakage. Be cautious, it can cause engine fire.

Lights to Warn You

Most of the vehicles manufactured will have in built warning lights. If something is wrong in your vehicle, these lights signal you. However, a tripped connection can be really hard for you to analyze the problem. If the temperature or oil light signals you, then immediately call for help. Lights from tire pressure and engine check can have a mechanic looked upon in a day or two.